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Quinten Reeves and Ordway Building Supply: Doing for 42 Years What Some Said Couldn't Be Done

     Ask any hearty soul who has taken on the daunting task of either remodeling or building a custom home about their experiences, and your question will be met with one of two responses:  either the next few hours will be filled with tales of horror, disappointment, poor choices and cost overrun, or the person will simply flash a smile of supreme satisfaction and, without another word, grab you by the sleeve and let the work speak for itself.

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Indy Picks - Back From The Dead Gadget Repairs

     About two and a half years ago, Barb Scranton broke her cell phone, which she used in just about every aspect of her life.  “It was the biggest hassle in the world,” she says. “I took it to someone to get it repaired, and that person broke it two more times.”  She said she wanted to do something so other people didn’t have to have the same experience.  On their third trip back from Pueblo, her husband, Jeff, said, “You know, I could do that. I could fix that cell phone.”  Barb describes Jeff as being “very mechanically inclined and able to fix just about anything”.

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Touching Hearts

Occasionally, in the day-to-day course of meeting people, a person will come across someone who just seems to be on the right path.  It looks different on different people, yet, at the same time, there’s a commonality present.  Maybe it’s the joy in their voice or a certainty of purpose that many of us lack.  But, whatever it is, it can emanate from a person with the same steady glow as a flame sends out its light.

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