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#Election Day

Eboni Nash


It is seven o’clock in the morning. The wind is chilled against my cheeks and the draft is finding its way nicely up my winter coat. I am standing outside a polling location with five of my friends, with a clipboard of ballots in hand, looking to make a difference. 

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“Semper Fi”

Dr David Lenderts

When the raging fire rolled over the floor of the rainforest, the little tortoise tried to protect itself in the only way it knew how: it stopped, pulled its tail, legs, neck, and head into its carapace, and waited. It is difficult to imagine the terrifying ordeal to endure feeling its shell being literally burned off leaving much of its upper body exposed. Yet, it survived.

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United We Stand: "He that is not with me is against me." - Part I

Jeff C. Campbell


On its face, in times of crisis, we love to say “United We Stand, Divided We Fall,” as a theme of unity. The words were used in a rock-ish love song in 1969 [Brotherhood of Man, and later by Glen Campbell & Anne Murray, Elton John and 100 others].

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Long Time Gone and a Brief View of Post-War Haswell (1940 - 1965)

Gifford Conoco on a busy day in 1963.

Kiowa Healthmart Presents:  LONG TIME GONE

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Long Time Gone and...Shhh - Did You Hear That???

Long Time Gone and Shhh - did you hear that???

There’s something about old buildings that make them distinctly different from those recently built. Of course, there are the obvious reasons; architecture and style, the type and age of the materials, even the sounds the building makes can certainly provide the reason for what makes old so different from new.

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