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  • Easter Egg Hunt in Eads Brings out nearly 100 Kids

Easter Egg Hunt in Eads Brings out nearly 100 Kids

Organizers of this year’s Easter Egg Hunt at the Kiowa County Courthouse were more than thrilled with the turnout and the amount of fun and excitement had by everyone there.  The event, headed up by Riki Berry Cordova, along with a handful of helpers, proved that community spirit is alive and well in Kiowa County as nearly 100 kids showed up with parents and grandparents in tow.  Many people came just to watch the young ‘uns gather up the nearly 2,000 eggs scattered in sections along the very large courthouse lawn. 

The Kindergarten through 6th graders had a competitive Easter Egg Relay during the community Easter Egg Hunt at the courthouse in Eads on Saturday afternoon.  (Photo credit: Deborah Gooden)But this wasn’t just any one of your run-of-the-mill Easter Egg hunts---oh no sir, it wasn’t!  This one had tons of prizes, chocolate, photos, and relay races, to boot.  As the little hunters arrived with baskets in tow they got a chance to catch up with the Easter Bunny and to take a photo or two.  Once the Bunny sent them on their way they lined up to square up the competition and look over the field of eggs.  When Cordova gave the signal it was a mad house of kids and parents and grandparents and---yes---Easter eggs galore!

And how long does it take 100 kids to pick up 2,000 coveted Easter eggs as fast as they can---well, literally, about two minutes, tops!

Once the eggs were secured in the baskets, hunt officials found those lucky few who had a special “Bunny” that signified they received an Easter Egg Coloring Kit donated by Crow’s Stop & Shop Grocery and a big chocolate Easter bunny donated by Cody and Riki Cordova.  Those preschoolers who found the lucky Bunny were Madelyn Kent, Lincoln Sierra, Kielan McCracken, Will Barnett, and Braxtyn Ferris.  
The Easter Bunny was on hand at the community Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday.  (Photo by: Riki Berry Cordova)
But the fun was far from over as the older kids got a chance at winning some unique prizes, as well.  The Kindergarten and older hunters were in for a treat as they separated into relay teams with the specific goal of running as fast as they could to a pile of eggs located on the other end of the lawn, and pick up ONLY an egg that had their assigned team number written on it.  But, wait, then they had to put said egg on a plastic spoon and nimbly carry the egg back to their team basket without dropping it.  And did we mention each egg contained some pretty unique goodies inside?  
Every age group enjoyed the community Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday in Eads.  (Photo by: Riki Berry Cordova)
Two heats of three teams competed.  The first heat was won by Adyn Hough, Savannah Brown, Raelie Voss, and Stevie Bates.  Winners in the second heat were Reese Barnett, Jayson Bletzacker, Connor Lynch, and Landon Zimmerman.  The relay winners got to choose eggs with gift certificates for free smoothies from Demitasse, Icees from Crow’s Stop & Shop Grocery, popcorn/movie passes/ice cream gift certificates from Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center, money from Praise Community Church, or personal pizzas from Hometown Gas & Grill.

In order to pull off such a huge undertaking the following people committed to time, donations, or monetarily:  Riki & Cody Cordova, Debbie Gooden, Bri Kent, Theresia Kerfoot, Laura Jo Via, Shyla Fry, Brenda Ramos, Jessica & Matt Hyman, Heidi Blodgett, Morgan McCracken, Jessica Sierra, Lacy Van Campen, Cassie Frey, LaDawne Britten, Clare Lane, Kailey Meardon, Kim Richards, Verna Ebright, Chelsea Davis, Shea Johnson, Whitney Barnett, Linda Trosper, Diana Pearcey Flory, Brian & Stephanie Bohlander, Violet & Julianna Tidwell, Ralph Berry, Stephanie Hofmeister, Katie Marks, and Brenden Reifschneider.