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Cheers & Jeers for June 28

Cheers & Jeers for June 28
by Damian Holbrook TV Guide Magazine
Cheers to Rachel Bloom for her award- worthy gig at the Tonys. The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star was such a hoot handling the backstage bits that we were secretly hoping she'd bump actual host Kevin Spacey before he stopped the show (in the worst way) with another one of his unnecessary impersonations.
Rachel Bloom - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Cheers to Facebook for friending Nicole Byer (pictured). The social network plans to revive the Girl Code comic's wrongfully ignored MTV series Loosely Exactly Nicole for a second season as part of their plan to bring original content to your feed. Almost makes up for all those years of FB superpokes.
Nicole Byer
Jeers to Criminal Minds for a criminally dumb decision. Less than a year after being recruited for the procedural, Goliath's terrific Damon Gupton (pictured) has been handed his walking papers from the CBS hit. Are you guys out of your Minds?!
Criminal Minds
Jeers to The Bold and the Beautiful for keeping us from getting work done! Sorry, bosses, but midday breaks are an absolute must now that CBS's A-plus soap has brought back the amazing Kimberlin Brown as legendary nutjob extraordinaire Sheila Carter!