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Long Time Gone - The Lingering Love For Cottonwood

There are some eras in Kiowa County history that linger on in people’s memories to such a degree that they have taken on that special hue reserved for the wistful, “Those were the days, weren’t they?”

The early days…the Kiowa County Fairs when carnivals (and the occasional elephant) added to the annual festivities…the Saturday night socializations and shenanigans—despite the drought—of the famous fifties…and…Cottonwood Park.

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Long Time Gone - Sweet Sweetwater

For the first time in too many years, people have good reason to find their attention drifting south of town toward the Great Plains Reservoirs, those bodies of water that have been a source of life in Kiowa County from the time long before Kiowa County was even born.

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A Legacy Of His Own Making: A Tribute To Jack Gardner

I knew one thing about Jack Gardner before I met him. He used to own the Kiowa County Press, which meant, to me, he was a newspaper man. And that’s exactly what I saw when he walked into the office of the Kiowa County Independent that day, held out a folded up copy of the paper and said, “This is good.” His tone wasn’t frivolous or flattering. He said it flatly, bluntly, the way one newspaperman would say it to another. And then, pointing the paper at me for emphasis, went out the door as quickly as he’d come in.

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Long Time Gone - Marvin Hasser's "The Great Escape"

Several months ago, the Kiowa County Independent let readers know that we would be periodically printing original stories by Marvin Hasser, selected from his book titled “Oscar Hasser Cow Puncher ‘South of the Arkansas’”.  The book is a compilation of stories Mr. Hasser wrote about his father, a feat he attributes to “the great love and pride I have in my heart for my dad” and accomplished so that his children might know their grandfather a little better so he will be forever in their memory.   

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If you liked the October 19th article about the Disappearance of the Great American Buffalo, You Might Be Interested in What Happened at Standing Rock Last Week

A herd of Buffalo appear out of nowhere during Lakota Sioux peaceful protest of the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline project.  The project crosses sacred land and could potentially threaten their clean water source. 

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