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5 Loaves Pantry Fundraiser - Homemade Soup in a Handmade Bowl

5 Loaves Food Pantry



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Little Leaders Learning & Care Center Great Santa Bag Winners Announced!

Winners Braxtyn Ferris and Sheila Thomas

The Little Leaders Learning & Care Center (LLLCC) sponsored a drawing on December 15 at the Plains Theater in Eads for one girl and one boy Santa Bag winners.

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Long Time Gone: Lori Shalberg

Lori Shalberg

Located north of town, the cemetery at Sheridan Lake sits on the crest of the gentlest of slopes. The elevation is no more than perhaps a hundred feet higher than the land that surrounds it, yet it is still graced with just enough rise to give all who stop and look an unobstructed view of the miles and miles of wide open plains that stretch all the way to the far distant horizon.

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The Thread Barons Will Take the Plains Theater Stage on Saturday

Threadbarons Live
The Kiowa County Farm Bureau is presenting a benefit concert on Saturday, October 20th at the Plains Theater in Eads, Colorado with a special concert performance by The ThreadBarons, a band out of Denver.  In addition to the concert, a street party will take place on Maine Street in front of the Plains Theater.  The beer garden, Mexican food, Barbeque food, and a cornhole tournament will all begin at 4:00 pm.  The concert begins in the Plains Theater at 7:00 pm

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BIG IDEAS in Small Towns: Idea #3

3D Printing

The Independent is dedicated to the continued progress made in small towns across our region. We thought it might be helpful to describe assets a community must have in order to thrive and even grow. According to a well-known rural development model known as Ogallala Commons located in Nebraska, all communities have 12 key assets present; however, some communities develop these assets to a richer degree than others. Obviously, the more the following assets are present in a community, the more the community is thriving: Education, Health, Leisure & Recreation, History, Sense of Place, Water Cycle, Arts & Culture, Wildlife & the Natural World, Soil & Mineral Cycle, Foodshed, Renewable Energy, and Spirituality.

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