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A Radio Ad Confirmed to Local Author It Was Time To Publish

Lifted Up by Ashley Gooden

Sometimes it’s the smallest most unexpected moments that set us on a path we had not considered or thought possible. That’s what happened to Ashley Gooden, a local young mother who, along with her husband Kenan, are raising three active little boys within a Christian household.

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Big Ideas in Small Towns: Part I

The Independent is dedicated to the continued progress made in small towns across our region. We thought it might be helpful to describe assets a community must have in order to thrive and even grow. According to a well-known rural development model known as Ogallala Commons located in Nebraska, all communities have 12 key assets present; however, some communities develop these assets to a richer degree than others. Obviously, the more the following assets are present in a community, the more the community is thriving: Education, Health, Leisure & Recreation, History, Sense of Place, Water Cycle, Arts & Culture, Wildlife & the Natural World, Soil & Mineral Cycle, Foodshed, Renewable Energy, and Spirituality.

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Long Time Gone and the Grand Duke

Long Time Gone and the Grad Duke

Recently, one of the readers of the Independent suggested a story he thought other readers might enjoy. It took place in 1872 and involved a group of individuals whose names are so well-known that the story itself sounds like something more likely to be found in a dime store novel than a history book of the time.

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Down East Boys Performing in Eads

The Down East Boys

Praise Community Church is excited to announce that Gospel Music Recording Artists “The Down East Boys” will be in Eads on October 7, 2018 at the church. The concert will begin at 6pm. From Reidsville, NC, The Down East Boys are one of America’s top gospel groups today. Their current hit single “Beat Up Bible” is currently the #2 song in gospel music, and they will be performing it live. The Down East Boys have been a part of the Nascar Chaplaincy for many years, as well as traveling to over 250 concert dates annually. All are welcome. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear some of the best gospel music in America.

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"An Interview With God" Coming to the Plains Theater Next Week

An Interview With God

The Plains Theater in Eads is a member of the Fathom Events programming group and as such is able to obtain some exciting, current, and out-of-the-way programming that is usually only seen in urban theaters throughout the country. These opportunities for more culture, more updated documentaries, more concerts and even more controversial subject matter allow the Plains Theater to bring the world in its many forms to rural Colorado.

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