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Looking Back and Forward

First and foremost, this writer congratulates the Kiowa County Independent on its two-year anniversary [February 3]. For any business to be successful or just stay in business for two years is a real milestone. At the same time, this writer thanks the Publisher and Editor for the opportunity to write for the paper on a regular basis. Writing and expressing in those intervening months has been very rehabilitative for me. The openness and latitude they’ve given me is appreciated in the most positive way.

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Accidental Country Girls - New Years Check In

Now that January is half over & many have already ditched their New Year’s resolutions, we wanted to check in on how you’re holding up! We hope you are kicking bad habits to the curb & enjoying your fresh start!

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Long Time Gone - June Blooding, a shining star

There’s a certain kind of beauty to the plains that is, from what I can tell, truly unique to this country. Let a little bit of rain fall on these expansive acres, and the most extraordinary flowers will emerge. But, unlike the manicured and pampered blossoms that adorn more “settled” places, these beauties have retained their sturdiness, their wildness, as if the sheer determination to thrive sometimes harsh conditions is an inherent part of the flower’s glory, itself.

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LONG TIME GONE and the lessons of Capra, the Coop and “Meet John Doe"

Stories have great power in our lives.

For as long as human beings have had language and the cognitive ability to express thoughts and ideas—whether those thoughts were written or spoken or drawn on a cave wall--stories have played a role in shaping who we are as individuals and as part of a larger whole. And, occasionally, a truly profound story—especially one told by a gifted storyteller—will come along that causes us to question our world and, sometimes, to even seek answers to the questions those stories have posed.

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Accidental Country Girls January 3, 2017

New Year’s

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