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"An Interview With God" Coming to the Plains Theater Next Week

An Interview With God

The Plains Theater in Eads is a member of the Fathom Events programming group and as such is able to obtain some exciting, current, and out-of-the-way programming that is usually only seen in urban theaters throughout the country. These opportunities for more culture, more updated documentaries, more concerts and even more controversial subject matter allow the Plains Theater to bring the world in its many forms to rural Colorado.

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Elvis is in the House! Plains Theater in Eads Hosts Elvis '68 Comeback Special

Elvis Comeback Special

It was 50 years ago that the iconic Elvis Presley made his comeback into the hearts of Americans as he gave a live performance aired on television to millions of fans on December 3, 1968. This live performance re-launched his iconic singing career after he spent years making movies and records.

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A Journey Beyond the Ordinary

Jenn and Brooklyn
When Jennifer Boyd decided to take her six year old daughter, Brooklyn, on the trip of a lifetime, it wasn’t just because Brooklyn asked her to; although, that was part of the reason.  It wasn’t just because Jen knew it would be one of the most exciting and interesting things her daughter had experienced in her young life, so far; although, that was also part of the reason.  It wasn’t just because, upon returning from several extended trips to Sri Lanka, Brooklyn told Jen that “next time you aren’t going without me”. 

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CLCEC Announces Main Stage Line Up At The Bash

Maine Street Bash
It’s coming folks!  The Maine Street Bash is right around the corner. 

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Second Annual 4th of July Kids Parade is Grassroots Led

Mr and Mrs 4th of July
Here at the Independent we have been talking a lot about how a community can make a quality of life for its citizens.  Quality of life is one of the top reasons people move to small towns---and certainly why they stay.  Of course, there are many schools of thought on how to develop this type of lifestyle--- from relying on good government leadership, to strong volunteerism, to groups working collaboratively. 

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