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Hemp: Using the Sense, or Cents, or Scents God Gave Us Part III

Hemp Feeature: What does Kiowa County think about hemp?
In the July 19th edition of the Independent, the article “Using the Cents, Scents and Sense God Gave Us Part II” was published with the intention of making the point that hemp has the very real potential to improve multiple economic categories in rural Colorado, especially Kiowa County.  

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Clare Dunn to Host VIP Charity Party Prior to Sand & Sage Kick Off Concert

Country Music Star Clare Dunn
I’ll admit it, right up front.  This article is half news, half promotion, and, yes, that breaks all sorts of rules in this business we call “journalism”.  But, hey, some rules are worth breaking if the cause is good enough, and this cause—actually these two causes—are more than good enough.  Who wouldn’t want to support the vital education FFA provides to high school kids? Likewise, who wouldn’t want to support Children’s Hospital in Denver where some of our very own have received the very best of care? With that said, this article is about an exclusive event that not only raises funds for two very worthy causes, it also   guarantees a very special, very memorable time for those folks who make the choice to attend.

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Hemp: Using the Sense, or Cents, or Scents God Gave Us Part II

What does Kiowa County think about Hemp?
Seriously---Kiowa County---- what are you waiting for?  Don’t you want in the game?

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Teens Biking Across America, Make a Stop in Eads

Overland Summer Camp - Riding across America

There were fourteen teenagers (16 & 17 year olds) that were riding their bikes through Eads on Wednesday.  They made a stop at Crows Stop & Shop with their camp counselor Kelly Whalen from Raleigh, North Carolina (pictured below).

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Kit Carson School 2017-2018 Supply List

Back to School List for Kit Carson

2017-2018 Supply List PK-12

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