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Why Not Here? What the people of Kiowa County can learn from our neighbors to the east

Last week, the Independent ran an article on the Rural Opportunity Zone (ROZ), an innovative partnership between the state of Kansas and its rural communities created to address population decline. One of the success stories is found in Greeley County, a county similar to Kiowa County in numerous ways.

Undoubtedly, some people are thinking, “But ROZ is a program in Kansas, not Colorado. What does Greeley County’s success have to do with us?”

Good question.

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Filling the White Space: Friends Gather in Memory of Sharon Frazee

Few things will grab your attention like white space.

You’re reading a newspaper, you turn the page, and a space that should be filled with printed words or images is blank. Had the page been full of copy, you would have probably just kept reading without a second thought. But that empty, blank space where words used to go stopped you.

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Is There Hope For Haswell?

Photo credit: Haswell Remembered Facebook Page

In the midst of empty lots where buildings used to stand and other buildings, still standing but no longer usable, one or two businesses hang on, and chances are the man behind the counter and the owner are one in the same. In the neighborhoods, scattered among houses that have been vacant for years with owners who moved away long ago, there are still houses that are someone’s home with flowers in the garden, lamps in the window and maybe even a bicycle or basketball in the driveway, left there by children just moments before.

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KCHD Turns a Long Awaited Corner: Two mid-level providers to join staff

A challenge exists in many small towns throughout the nation, and it’s a challenge that can quite literally hit people “where they live and breathe”. The problem: attracting and retaining health care providers who are both qualified and committed to sticking around for a while.

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Fill It and They Will Come

There was a distinct atmosphere of optimism in the room last week when Commissioners Scott, Oswald and McLoud met with Travis Black and Rick Gardner of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW). The purpose of the meeting: to explore potential plans for the future if permanent water in the lakes actually becomes a reality. Other stakeholders at the meeting included County Administrator Tina Adamson, KCEDF Coordinator Jan Richards and former Kiowa County Commissioner Cardon Berry.

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