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Area Schools Open Their Doors to New Projects, People, and Students

Welcome Back area schools

For many of the children and school personnel in the region the summer has just flown by and it is now time for school to start and everyone to get back into the groove of a more structured weekly schedule. The summer was a good one with an abundant wheat crop across the region, wonderful drenching rains that has resulted in beautiful green vistas, good water levels at the lakes for boating and fishing, and some strong competitive summer baseball, softball and golf tournaments. But now, it’s that time of year where lots of changes begin to take place and we set our minds to the next season --- that being fall. For most people fall means football, pep rallies, cooler weather, and….yes….school starting.

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Mobile Home Destroyed by Winds South of Plainview

Plainview house destroyed by winds

Last Wednesday night, a mobile home located 7 miles south of Plainview in the east end of Kiowa County was hit by winds of sufficient strength to completely destroy the home, scattering furnishings and contents over a debris field that extended several hundred yards. A grain bin on the property was also destroyed. Down the road from the property, a roof on the north side of a substantial hog barn was also blown off.

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Suspect Arrested and Charged in Cheyenne Wells Shooting

Standoff in Cheyenne Wells, Colorado - Photo credit KRDO

At approximately 8:54am last Wednesday, August 7th, residents and businesses of Cheyenne Wells, Colorado received a “CodeRed” alert from the Cheyenne County Sheriff Department. Delivered via telephone, cell phone, text message, email and social media, the alert instructed individuals in both residences and businesses in Cheyenne Wells to shelter in place—in other words, stay indoors—until further notice.

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One Small Step (No, not the moon. Maine Street.)

Crow Luther Cultural Even Center upgrading Maine Street


Last week, people passing down Maine Street might have seen a sight that has become somewhat familiar over the years: a small group of locals associated with the Crow Luther Cultural Events Center taking someone on a tour of the center--past, present and future.

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Little Leaders Learning & Care Center Opening in September

Little Leaders Learning & Care Center Eads Colorado

After more than seven years of effort devoted to opening a day care center in Eads, with the last 18 months being rubber-meets-the-road pulling the project together, the Little Leaders Learning & Care Center (LLLCC) is on the home stretch. And, from what was seen during last week’s Grand Opening tour, the LLLCC promises to be a center devoted to providing the children who attend an experience as warm and welcoming as it is instructional and supportive of development.

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