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Preschool Classrooms Move Back to Eads Elementary

The Eads School Board met in regular session on Tuesday evening with a number of items of business up for consideration including a report by BOCES Executive Director Loraine Saffer, fulfillment of an employment position, and updates on security plans being made by the district.  The board was also given information on the proposed move of the Preschool back to the elementary building.

First, Athletic Director, Trey Eder, reported that the baseball program had a much better season than expected and commended Coach Chad Rouse and his staff for their efforts.  In addition, the girls’ track team placed 4th in the 1A state track meet including a state championship in the discus for senior Mariah Smith who also broke the school and 1A state record at 133’ 8” on her final throw.  Eder is the throwing coach for Eads.

Superintendent Glenn Smith reported on some major changes occurring in the Eads Elementary Building as the district has decided to move the Preschool classrooms back to the elementary building.  Four years ago, it was determined the original preschool space in the elementary building was too small and out of compliance with the number of students in the district.  The preschool, at that time, was moved downtown to the upstairs area of the Bransgrove Building.  However, various logistic issues continued to plague the new space, so efforts were put into place to move the preschool back to the elementary building.  To make enough space the teacher’s lounge, located just off the preschool space, was removed which created the required additional space.  The teacher’s lounge will now be located in the classroom across from the front office which has always been the Resource Room.  That classroom will be moved upstairs into a more appropriate and workable space for students and staff.  All spaces will be ready to go at the beginning of the school year in early August.  The district thanks Kiowa County for their generosity and good working relationship during the time the preschool was located downtown. 

Smith also reported that the new gym cover with the auto roll feature has arrived and is set up ready to be used beginning in the 2018-2019 school year. 

Executive Director of Southeast BOCES, Loraine Saffer, was present to give the board a run down on the services and resources SE BOCES provides to the school district.  They include Psychologists, Speech and Occupational Therapists, Audiologist, (physical and vision therapy through other BOCES) for IEP students. More services include tech support and data backup, group purchasing for all 12 districts, Distance Learning system and maintenance, Perkins grants and purchases paperwork, NWEA and Alpine testing services, Edmentum software, professional development, the alternative licensure program, and a new program that provides school counselors to assist in all schools beginning in the 2018-2019 school year offering career and behavioral services.

The board also approved hiring Jessica Millspaugh for the Para-Professional position.  They also hired Millspaugh for middle school assistant coaching positions for volleyball, basketball, and track. 

The 2018-2019 preliminary budget was received and approved.  The budget is available for public oversight in the District Bookkeeper’s offices during regular business hours.

The board also approved the 2018-2019 Certified and Classified Salary Schedules and raised the Substitute Pay to $90 per day.

The board also approved expenditures for the new space in the preschool that will include new tile flooring that is easy to clean.  The space will be used for the preschool snack and arts and crafts area in order to keep the existing carpet clean from most spills.  The cost will be approximately $3,000.

Discussion items included information from the Security Committee.  Additional security actions will include: locks on the high school doors with a single key lock will cost $3,500; classroom doors will be closed and locked at all times; schedules will change so that offices can be covered at all times; there will be panic buttons installed in all offices to automatically call 911 and initiate automatic lockdown alerts; and a frequent presence of sheriff deputies in the cafeteria and general campus will be available.  The committee will have additional suggestions in the future.

The board then heard information on some policy changes and the updates on the current work being done on the Elementary Gym.

The next meeting will be held at the regular time on Monday, June 25 at 7:00 pm.
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