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Eads School District Proposes Sweeping Solutions for Security

Sparked by recent school shootings including the Valentine Day incident in Parkland, Florida and the recent shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, the Eads School District leadership has been having numerous discussions over the last few months about changes that can be made to the security plan in all buildings on the school campus.  They feel there are areas where they can enhance the protection for the school staff and children on a given daily basis.  Throughout these discussions, many points of view have been expressed from staff members and administration, alike.  The Accountability Committee has taken in the main discussion points.  In response to this input, Accountability formed a security committee that was assigned the work of collecting information and, based on the input received, make recommendations to the school board.

To begin the process, Superintendent Glenn Smith brought in security experts from the J.L. Jones Company who took a tour of the school buildings paying close attention to the access points and over all layout of the campus.  They also looked at the current communication and emergency drills the school practices as part of their security policies.  The company conducted a security audit, and based on that audit made recommendations to Smith, who then took those recommendations to the Accountability Security Committee in order to add those to the overall discussion.

After many weeks of evaluation, the security committee’s audit revealed recommendations for action.  These recommendations have been presented to the school board as priority action items:

1.  Install communications equipment in key areas across the district that will allow for expediated communication and reporting to emergency personnel and/or law enforcement.

2. Install internal locks on all classroom doors.

3. Policy changes that require district offices to have coverage at all times.  This practice will ensure that communications and alerts will come out immediately.

4. Work with the Sheriff’s Department to increase their presence on the campus and within the buildings.  The goal would be to have some sort of presence at all times.

5. Allow periodical active shooter drills within the buildings and the school grounds that are full scale in nature and involve scenarios that allow the Sheriff’s Department and other assisting agencies the access and knowledge they would need of the school campus.

6. Pass a resolution to allow armed employees to be present on the school grounds at all times.  This resolution would require an employee who might be approved to receive P.O.S.T. certification training.

The board will consider these actions over the summer in the regularly scheduled meetings and, if agreed upon, will implement them at the start of the 2018-2019 school year beginning in early August.

Glenn Smith, as Superintendent of the school district, welcomes any and all comments as to the actions being recommended as they concern school safety and security.  Any comments or questions should be directed to Smith by calling 719-438-2218 during regular business hours.  Emails can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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