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Cheyenne Leader Honored

As a good sign he was watching, a few tears fell from the heavens blessing the Sunday June 24 memorial services. The day couldn’t have been more beautiful with sunlight warming the afternoon as a few hundred Northern Cheyenne tribal members, family and friends gathered to remember a good man. A special dance and song by the Crazy Dog Society went around the circle during the ceremony honoring Cheyenne leader Steve Brady.  (Photo credit: Karen Wilde, Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site)

Steve Brady, some of you may remember from Healing Run ceremonies and meals we shared with runners and townspeople at the Community Center and Multi-Purpose room. He was instrumental in the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site establishment. The Marine Corps veteran served his tribe and community throughout his life cut short on October 18, 2014. He was a quiet guiding force leading his people in the protection of their land and sacred sites. His strong calm voice and devotion were examples we all could follow.

Sand Creek park service personnel travelled to the memorial services commemorating the life of his consistent leadership and testimonies before Congress, pivotal in the establishment of the 391st unit of the National Park Service. Attending from here were Alexa Roberts, Superintendent, Karl Zimmermann, Site Operations Supervisor, Karen Wilde, Tribal Liaison and Jeff Campbell, long-time volunteer interpreter. Roberts spoke gracious words before the assembled group celebrating Steve’s life in the circle of brush arbors.
Steve Brady’s widow and their five adult children during their family ‘give-away’ where the family gives away items to honor those who have come to attend Steve’s memorial.  (Photo credit: Karen Wilde, Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site)
Honoring songs occurred throughout the day and a special dance and song by the Crazy Dog society went around the circle. As the ceremonies of sharing and a meal went on into the early evening a rainbow surrounded by clouds shone down as the United States flag was lowered by the Cheyenne veteran honor guard. It all was a good day.

Photo Credit Karen Wilde: Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site (to view captions hover over photos) 

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