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  • Eads School Board Gets Updates on Summer Projects

Eads School Board Gets Updates on Summer Projects

The regularly scheduled June meeting for the Eads School Board was held on June 25th with a light agenda on tap.  The board heard a report from Superintendent Glenn Smith concerning the work being done over the summer in preparation for the 2018-2019 school year.  Smith reminded the board that the first day of school is scheduled for Wednesday, August 8th, with the teachers are expected back to work on Monday, the 6th. 

In action items, the board approved the 2018-2019 final budget with no dissention with Smith indicating the budget looks solid for the upcoming year.  They also approved the first of three readings over two policies including GCCAA as it pertains to staff leave days and GCG-2 concerning raising the pay of substitute teachers from $85 per day to $90 per day.

During discussion Smith further elaborated on the summer work being accomplished.  Teachers will have new desktop computers when they return in the fall and students from elementary age to high school will have access to chromebooks to help with their educational needs.  Within the elementary classroom structure, the chromebooks will be stored in a mobile cart and used by classes on an as-needed schedule which will eliminate the need for students to leave class to go to a separate computer lab.  The high school students will receive new chromebooks and carry them on a 1-to-1 basis as they move through their daily schedule.  The BOCES technology team has been working long hours to get all the new computer equipment ready to go for the start of school. 

Smith also reported that the middle school will be receiving a new science curriculum.  This was very much needed as Mr. McLoud had been piece-milling the old curriculum together.  That curriculum has been in the district for more than a decade and it was time for the update.  McLoud has been putting in some time acclimating himself to the new system. 

There will be some room changes in the elementary building as they bring the Preschool back to the campus.  The Preschoolers will have their original space with some construction changes that enlarged the area for the numbers predicted.  The construction eliminated the teacher staff room, so it has been moved to the resource room located in the far south classroom of the building.  The resource room has now been moved upstairs where there is more containment and less disruptions.  Overall, the moves will work out very well for the system, but it has required a lot of extra work over the summer, particularly for the resource staff including Mrs. Sue Fox and Mrs. Linda Offill. 

Smith also reported that plans are moving forward to do work on the building per the security upgrades recommended by Accountability.  The costs are adding up, so Smith is doing his due diligence for each expense.  This process will take a while, but progress is being made.  Based on the recommendations and board input, Smith will have the school attorney develop a resolution that the board will need to formally pass.  The board directed Smith to continue toward that end.

Smith also directed the board to start thinking about future improvements for the district.  Smith has some areas of concern as far as the buildings go including increased access to technology, a new bus will need to be considered down the road, and the MP Room will need to eventually have new flooring.  The plumbing is in good shape and the Ag Building has a new HVAC system installed. 

As there was no other business before the board they adjourned after about an hour.

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