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House Struck by Bullet

There’s the old saying that “what goes up must come down”, and that is a thought that far too often doesn’t occur to people when firing a gun in close proximity to people and animals. 

This is a community where guns are common possessions, typically used for hunting and, in some cases, self-protection, especially for people who live out in the country or travel the long distances that are sometimes necessary to conduct business in rural Colorado. 

Bullet Shot into residence in Eads, Colorado
In general, accidents rarely happen in a community where most people have grown up around guns and were raised by parents who taught them from a young age about the absolute respect and constant caution that handling a gun requires (whether it’s loaded or not) and then go on to teach their own children the very same practices. 

But, on very rare occasions, things happen, whether it’s the result of a person who’s had a momentary loss of common sense (and, frankly, intelligence) and decides to take a passing shot at a street sign (without considering what’s on the other side of that sign) or fires a gun in the air without considering that, well, “what goes up must come down”.  And that doesn’t even address the necessary consideration of just how far and fast a bullet can travel. 

Most of the time, the consequences of the momentary mistake are negligible, and no one gets hurt.  Sometimes, no one gets hurt but the “close call” is enough to stop anyone in their tracks once they realize what’s happened.  And sometimes… 

That’s a sentence that doesn’t need to be completed.  Everyone knows what can happen sometimes.

The following incident is still under investigation, so the cause of the event is still being researched.  However, whatever the facts of the situation turn out to be, it is still an excellent reminder that, had this person just happened to be in a different place in his house (that is, in the wrong place at the wrong time), this story would not be a cover story on the front page of this week’s newspaper;  it would have been about a devastating tragedy where, undoubtedly, more than one life would have been utterly destroyed.

Just a little something to think about.

A Bullet Could Have Hit Me in the Head
 as described by Lou Turner on July 22, 2018

“A bullet was shot at my house and passed through a drawing I did of my son that was hanging on the wall in my home at 1300 Luther Street here in Eads, Colorado. 

On Wednesday, July 18th, I first noticed sharp plastic on the floor and wondered where it came from.  At first, I thought it must have been from the construction I was doing on the first floor bedroom, in preparation for my daughter who will be moving here with me next week.  Around 2:00 AM, Friday morning the 20th, I almost stepped on some more plastic fragments and thought, this can’t be from the construction, so I started to look around.  Soon I noticed the drawing on my wall had a puncture extruding out and the hole in the wall behind it.  The hole was exactly at head height.  I went outside with a flashlight to examine the exterior wall of the house and sure enough there was a bullet hole.  I began to search for the final bullet’s resting place but found nothing on the opposite south wall.

Around 9:00 AM I called the Sheriff to report the incident.  Deputy Sheriff Lane Elliott arrived and began his investigation of the crime scene.  He determined the bullet entered from an angle, from the Northeast, from the corner of 13th Street and Luther Street.  When I started looking in the projected bullet’s path I stepped on it and heard it roll.  After documenting with pictures, Deputy Elliott bagged the bullet and took it into evidence.  Deputy Elliott said it looked like a .22 or a little larger caliber. 

We discussed possible seriousness of the situation and any suspects who might have had resentment against me.  He took all relevant evidence and said he would investigate it further.  The people of Eads seem so nice, most everybody waves when they drive by, and after doing many videos/TV shows for free promoting the town I find it hard to believe there is someone who would do this.  Some say it was probably kids, but the kids I met here seem like such good kids, not like in other areas.  Even the over 18 year-old teens I’ve heard say routinely ask their parents for permission to do things.  I’ve never seen kids hanging out across the street day or night in the two years I’ve been here.  I think it relates to a different matter.

When I was very young, 6 or 7 years old, I’d guess, it was before my parents let me roam the streets alone and visit a friend’s house, and well before I rode a bike around town alone.  I can remember it was a new experience, my mother took me to the neighbors, the Martin’s across the street.  I was playing in the basement with an older kid, Mike Martin, and he pulled out a gun and handed it to me and I think he said, “Be careful it’s real,” and I said, “No it isn’t!”  And I pointed it at the corner ceiling and pulled the trigger.  He quickly grabbed the gun and took it away from me.  I don’t remember much after that except me and my mom went home really fast.  At that age I didn’t know any better.  It didn’t look real to me.  But I had never seen a real gun before.  Luckily, I only shot the lighting and not a person.  So, I understand how a kid can make a mistake.  The older kid who gave me the gun and the younger kid, me, who stupidly shot it. 

I’ve had a happy life and God always takes care of me, even when I have zero in the bank account.  I hope my daughter will be safe here.”

On Friday, July 20, 2018, Deputies responded to the 1300 block of Luther Street for a report of a bullet hole in a residence. Deputies are currently investigating the matter. If you have any information regarding this incident please contact the Kiowa County Sheriff's Office.
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