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Just Do It! KCHD Annual Health Fair

There are those among us who tend to not live as…um, well…healthy of a lifestyle as we wish we would and know we should. We plan on eating healthier foods, exercising a little more, getting the right amount of sleep, doing something about our stress levels. We plan on doing all those things, but…we don’t.

KCHD Health FairThe why and the wherefore of what we do and do not do is a great topic to explore. Later. Right now, the most pertinent topic of interest is related to an event that comes around once a year and is something that no one—really, no one—should pass up.

The Kiowa County Hospital District Annual Health Fair.

In reality, more and more people today are increasingly focused on their health, and the best way to do that is to not just concentrate on getting healthy but to take steps toward staying healthy as a preventative approach. A health fair—especially the KCHD Health Fair—is a community effort geared specifically toward that end by creating a place where the public can engage in a conversation with local health care professionals about health care topics.

Anyone who has been to a KCHD Health Fair in the past will tell you that it’s not unlike going to a social event where you see friends and acquaintances and catch up on all that’s gone on while, at the same time, connecting with professionals whose goal is to help you get healthier and discuss whatever common health issues and concerns you may have. Put more simply, the KCHD Health Fair is not unlike a medical version of a “one stop shop”.

“The health fair offers basic health screenings for a low cost,” explains Char Korrell, KCHD’s CEO. “People will get all sorts of feedback on their health with simple screenings like blood pressure checks, glucose and cholesterol blood tests and body composition. In some cases, the patient can get feedback right then. In other cases, the blood has to be sent to the lab. Once the results of the lab tests are back, people then have the opportunity to get both positive health feedback and information if the results indicate they might be at risk.”

The health fair will be on Saturday and Sunday, April 5th and 6th from 7am to 11am. Prices include: Women’s Panel (CBC, CMP, A1c, TSH) costs $36.00; Men’s Panel (CBC, CMP, A1c, TSH, PSA) costs $56.00; and B12, Vitamin D and Testosterone tests are $20.00 each. Free EKGs and blood pressure checks will be available both days. And on Friday, Parkland will be doing free bone density checks.

“Health fairs are a really good way to hone in on a few important screenings and to make them accessible to the general population,” says Korrell. “Normal findings in basic screenings are the good part of healthcare, not a waste of time. We really hope people take advantage of the health fair—it’s just one more way that we can take strides toward becoming a healthier community.”



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