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  • KCHD Face of Healthcare - Meet Shea Johnson

KCHD Face of Healthcare - Meet Shea Johnson

Meet Shea Johnson

Director of Childcare at OJC. AA in General Studies from NJC.

ROLE AT EMC: Shea’s role is scheduling 2-3 providers at the clinic. She also does tracking and maintaining outgoing referrals after providers submit them. She verifies insurance authorization for diagnostic procedures. Shea also assists the providers by providing intake during patient visits and assisting with Clia tests and in office procedures.

SHEA’S STORY: I was born in Glenwood Springs, Colorado to Floyd and Billie Cordova. I’m one of nine children--4 brothers and 4 sisters. My parents were two people that I can, without hesitation, say taught me the value of hard work.

At the age of 13, after much family deliberation, my family made the decision to move to Kiowa County from the Western Slope. This was to be an opportunity to bring our family together and learn many of life’s lessons.

At 14, my dad, whom I knew to be invincible, was in a traumatic ranch accident leaving him paralyzed. It was a devastating event for my entire family. After being given the choice--return to Grand Junction or remain in Kiowa County--my 3 younger brothers and I chose to stay in the community that we had grown to love.

This would begin my love and respect for healthcare as it was a long treacherous road for my family as we all would become caregivers to my dad. Although life was difficult, to say the least, for my dad, he was still an amazing testament of faith and true heroism. He helped mold me into who I am today.

As years went on, my parents made sure we had the normal life of any other American kid/teenager. After years of sports, clubs, and academics at Eads High School, I graduated in 1999. During this time, I worked in various departments at Weisbrod Memorial Hospital. After graduation, I proceeded on the college track to NJC in Sterling. My plan was simple: nursing.

With one semester left in my program, I made the difficult choice to leave school. I had lost my passion for my major. I had spent hours working as a CNA in my off-time. With every loss of a nursing home resident, my heart broke. I didn’t handle it well. In Spring 2004, I found myself expecting my first child, and starting towards a new career path in Early Childhood Development. That is where I planted myself until 2012. During this time, I received my Director’s Qualifications.

Again, life throws curve balls. I found myself once more changing my path.

So here we are, 2019. I have 3 beautiful children: Brenden 14, Justin 8, and my Jessalynn 3 (going on 16). They are truly my greatest accomplishments. I have been with KCHD for 7 years. I am also the Eads Eagles Cheer Coach. I love both. I feel like both provide me the chance to serve my community that I hold dear to my heart.

Many members have been my leaning post through the years. From the loss of my father, the greatest man I know, to my near life-ending car accident. I can honestly say that I am a proud citizen of Eads and Kiowa County. It’s an honor serving a community that is more like family to me.

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