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Small Town 4th of July

The 4th of July represented a culmination of the pride the local citizens have in their own home towns and country. Children and adults of all ages and shapes were on hand across the county to enjoy Independence Day with their friends and families.

4th of July Kids ParadeEads celebrated their third annual 4th of July Kids Parade and added a bigger and better carnival and even some free hotdogs. The Pony Kidd Phil Pollreis played patriotic music in the Eads City Park while the kids lined up for their parade decked out in the ole red, white, and blue. Before the parade made its way down Maine Street the whole group took a moment to place their hands on their heart and say the Pledge of Allegiance. Then they were off as the largest crowd as of date lined both sides of Maine Street to cheer and wave to the children.

When the children returned to the park many fun games and challenges were ready to be enjoyed for the rest of the morning. Many people were able to get a token hot dog during the festivities thanks to the generosity of many local businesses.

This event continues to be organized by some of the young women in the community. This year the W.E. (Women Empowered) group helped to run the many games and events.

The Town of Eads also provided free swimming for the kids during the afternoon.

4th of July Kids Parade
By nightfall it was time to head over to the Fairgrounds in Eads where an impressive show was put together by the local Fire Protection District. At 9:00 pm sharp the first fireworks shot went to Chad Barnett who won the opportunity in a drawing. After that it was go time and the fire department did an remarkable job showing off their collection of fireworks.

Over in the east end of the county there was plenty of activity as well. Below is an excerpt report about all the activities citizens in Sheridan Lake and Towner were able to enjoy: 
By Shannon Votruba

Do you know what’s great about living in a small town? Traditions, celebrations and small-town friendships. Sheridan Lake is a small town that shows the importance of honoring and celebrating the birth of this great nation every year. Flags flying around town are the first thing people see as they pull into our little town. They line the highway on both sides welcoming all those coming into our town to remember why this day is so important. While we may be small it doesn’t stop us from having a parade that is really like no other. Our parade is led by our Mayor Jerry Weber, who drives our local ambulance through the parade. Following in her 1931 Ford Model A was Cathy Scherler. She had some company in her car; Connie Lambright, Lori Healy and Mary Kathryn Votruba. Our youngsters, all decked out for the 4th followed on decorated bikes, motorcycles, as well as in decorated mules and on foot. This year we were blessed to have some fun music accompanying our parade! Burl Scherler brought his calliope that played music for the entire parade. Thank you Burl Scherler for bringing your calliope and providing the fun filled music. Parents, grandparents and community lined the West side of the KA hall and enjoyed watching the kids make the annual tour around town.

Sheridan lake never falls short when it comes time to feed people and this year yet again proved that. As you enter the KA hall after the parade you were greeted to an array of dishes inside the festively decorated KA Hall. Lots of delicious main dishes, watermelon, salads and of course tons of 4 the of July desserts were enjoyed.

Once dinner was over the community was reminded of the importance of our Flag. The Sheridan Lake Youth took time to retire several tattered flags. Howard Votruba gave some information on the flag and why it is important to retire the tattered, ripped and nearly nothing left flags. The fire was hot and with help from the sounds of This Ragged Old Flag, I am Proud to be an American and Taps the flags donated by community members were retired. Vietnam Veteran Steve Davis helped the kids retire the flags this year. The youth who helped to retire flags were Benji Davis, Josh, Mary Kathryn and Margaret Votruba. We thank you all for the attending this sacred ceremony and for remembering why our flag is important and to the sacrifices all our Veterans have made. Without you we would not continue to celebrate this glorious day!

As we awaited the night sky to approach the kiddos got time to enjoy sparklers. What fun it is to watch them all running around and smiling and laughing. We even had a couple of the young adults joining in on the fun! Thank you, Howard and Shannon Votruba, for making sure they were lit, and the kiddos never got burnt!

As darkness approached, we were all ready to enjoy the fireworks. Howard Votruba set up quite a show. With help from Steve & Benji Davis he was able to keep things flowing along at a good pace. A small show but well worth the bang. It was about a 20 min show that filled the sky with lots of fun colors.

Sheridan Lake 4th of July
Thank you to all who came and helped continue a great tradition. Your donations are what helps to make this possible and we could not do it without you all! We also would like to thank the community that helped to clean up the KA Hall that evening. It was so appreciated to have all the tables and chairs put up. A special thank you to Theresa Weber and Carol Shalberg for all their hard work decorating the KA Hall. Thank you, ladies, for doing this year after year and cleaning it all up too! Thank you, Dennill Splitter, for making sure the food aspect was taken care of and ready to go. We wouldn’t have had cold drinks if it weren’t for you. Thank you to Plainview School for helping to provide water and some ice. Thank you to the Sheridan Lake Youth and Howard Votruba for setting up the KA Hall, doing your retirement ceremony and cleaning up the park after the show! Thank you, Jerry Weber, for coordinating this. Thank you, Zelpha Dienes, for allowing us to use the KA Hall. A special thank you to Justin and Trista Pryor for the fireworks. Thank you to Howard Votruba for all you do for the 4th of July celebration. You take time to go get fireworks, clean up the park, make sure the KA Hall is cleaned and so much more. Thank you to the Kiowa County Fire District for bringing the fire truck over and being on stand-by. Thank you to anyone else I might have forgotten. Your help in this tradition is truly appreciated and we so THANK YOU!

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