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  • 60 Strong Compete in The Prairie Pines Color Run

60 Strong Compete in The Prairie Pines Color Run

The course was mapped out, the stations were ready with their colors, volunteers were all in place so at 9:00 a.m. Saturday, July 27, 2019 it was time to paint the town! Sixty participants made their way to the city park to register, everyone received their Paint the Town t-shirt and then made their way to the street to celebrate a short color fight to get things set in motion. The contestants lined up on the starting line with young and old alike ready to support a great cause. The 2019 Prairie Pines 5K Color Run was ready to begin.

For the second year in a row Stockton Mitchek won the youth divison of the 2019 Prairie Pines Color Run. - Photo Credit Rhonda UhlandThe run was divided up into two age groups: anyone still in high school and younger was in one group and thus anyone older was in the older group.

It was back to back championships for Stockton Mitchek, a student at Eads Junior High, as he made his way to the finish line in less than 25 minutes. His mom, Holly wasn’t surprised with his victory as she stated, “He just has a drive in anything that he does, he’ll push himself”. He was awarded $100 in prize money and also a gift package of a free movie pass and ice cream from the Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center. Giving him the closest competition was Rhealie Rittgers, a sophomore at Eads High School, who was just yards behind him for 2nd place. Rhealie was quoted “The color run was a fun way to bring the community together. I really liked the competitiveness of the friendly competition.” She was awarded $50 in prize money and also a gift package from Crow-Luther.

Kenia Grajeda Vazquez and Claudia ParkerThe adult division was taken by Holly resident, Kenia Grajeda Vazquez, who paced herself and finished in a time of 30:43. Ms. Vazquez had heard about the event on Facebook and she did compete last year with her friends. She works for a financial institution and is a Mom of two boys. She stated, “I try to do 5K’s to keep myself active in the summer and normally do the rugged maniac in Denver,” and “now I have my sister involved in my craziness.” She also brought along her son, Alex, and her nieces, Lilly and Karla.

Winning the adult division gave her the $100 prize money and a Yeti cup.
Just a few of the 60 some participants in this year's edition of the Prairie Pines Color Run. - Photo credit Rhonda Uhland
When she stated she now has her sister involved, that could be a very good possibility why her sister Claudia Parker, was the 2nd place winner in the adult division. Ms. Parker received the $50 prize money and her own Yeti cup.

We would like to thank all the organizations that donated to Prairie Pines in order for us to put on this event. The list of the “A List Donors” were printed on the back of the shirts but as with anything mistakes can be made and “Saffer Spray Service” and “Watson BBQ” were two generous donors that were not listed. Small towns businesses and organizations need to give themselves a pat on the back for always giving back to the community!! We appreciate all of you!!

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