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  • 5K Dash Brings Colorful Experience to Community

5K Dash Brings Colorful Experience to Community

The sound of laughter echoed throughout the streets of Eads, Colorado last Saturday, July 29th as 56 participants of all ages, dressed in white were blasted from head to toe with vibrant colors.  The lively group came together for fun, excitement, fitness, and most importantly to support a great cause.  Prairie Pines Assisted Living Center has touched the lives of several individuals within the local community as well as surrounding communities.  It was a pleasant surprise to see so many people out so early to support the local business’s First Annual 5k Color Dash.

Maine Street 5K Dash Color Run“We really enjoyed the Color Dash!  It was a great event to include along with the Maine Street Bash, and the fact that it benefited an important business in our community made it even better.  We are looking forward to participating again next year,” said Kelly Courkamp, a local resident of Eads.

“This was my first color run and it was even better than I expected.  Exercising with my favorite people in my hometown it doesn’t get much better than that!”  Meghan Buck stated another local resident who had a blast during the run.  Meghan also received one of the best costume awards, that was announced after the dash was over back at Prairie Pines.  Prairie Pines is located on the outskirts of town, where the course had originally been mapped out.  The town was blessed the night before the race with enough rain that forced volunteers to reroute the entire event only hours before it was to start.  The new course began at 9:00 a.m. in City Park, kicking off with a festive color fight before dashers started the race.  Color Clouds burst through the air changing white clothes into bright rainbows.  Once everyone was covered from head to toe the race began.  The new route took them all around the small city of Eads where spectators happily watched and cheered them on.  The runners would be blasted at six different stations, spreading throughout the 5k course, where local volunteers would blast them even further with six different bright colors of powder.  Pink, yellow, orange, blue, green and purple dusted the streets as well as the happy contestants.
Color Run Contestants - Eads Colorado
“Thank you Prairie Pines and the Uhland family for a great Color Run and for allowing the chance for three generations of Crows to experience this together!”  Jennifer Crow happily stated.  She is another resident of Eads, as well as local business owner.  She ran the race with her son Kyle and grandson Will.  Along with the Crow crew, many other families and friends participated in the run making unforgettable memories.  
The fun and memory making did not end with the dash, contestants were asked to come down to Prairie Pines to cheer on the residents as they competed in their own dash around the driveway finishing in back where lunch was held for all who participated in the exciting morning events!
Hatch and Case Nelson helping with the color run - Contestant: Addison Courkamp
“It was exciting watching the community come together in support of Prairie Pines and participating in the Color Dash.  It makes me thankful to live in such a community.  I want to give credit to my daughter Debi who participated in the dash with me and pushed me across the finish line,” stated Lougene Jacobs a resident of Prairie Pines who participated in the event.

Multiple prizes were raffled off for all contestants, which were donated by several local businesses in Eads as well as businesses in Lamar, La Junta and Rocky Ford.  KLMR donated free advertisement for this event and even came out the morning of to broadcast the dash live!!!  

Prairie Pines Assitsted Living Contestants“Volunteering is honestly one of the best parts of racing!  You get to pep up people who might be struggling during the race…and keep people excited helping them to have a great time during the event!  The Color Dash was one big PARTY!” stated Heidi Colley.  She was one of the volunteers who helped get the course ready and also tossed blue color onto contestants at station four.  Volunteers were huge in helping this race be possible.  A sincere thank you to all those who donated, volunteered their time and participated in the event.  The Color Dash wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for each and every individual giving their all in helping to make it a success.  We hope to see you all again next year for a color blasting good time!  
Photo Credit Prairie Pines Assisted Living / Timothy Gutierrez

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