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The year was 1947

1947 - September 2017  
The year was 1947... 

We had faced nearly 10 years of depression, drought, dust and despair, followed in the current decade by four years of WWII. If these were not bad enough times*, the Eads School District had to deal with funding and staffing, plus there was one more problem to solve; the school house was destroyed by fire in 1937! 

 The community refused to concede to misfortune; the rains started again, the war ended, and with a little nudge in the tax rate a new modern school was built. Classroom instruction resumed and graduations were conducted on schedule. The resolve of the parents, school board and town leaders overcame the adversity making sure youngsters had the opportunity to learn and prepare for the future. As we celebrate our final year of attending school in Eads, after 70 years, it’s also important to recognize those who made it possible.

Our graduating class included: Bernice Criswell, Gene Culver, Francis (Frank) Frazee, Jack Haynes, Leroy Hieronymus, Leila Hirschler, Vercene (Peggy) Hooker, Byron Jackson, Rex Lewis, Rosemary McDaniel, Erma Lou Mueller, and Lizzie Mae Robertson.

*Such challenges, if not similar in nature, are common to everyone charged with providing a safe and fulfilling place for students to learn and mature.  Thanks to all those who volunteer their time and efforts; their only reward: the achievements of the students.

Gene Culver
St. Peters, Mo

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