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Eads Elementary & High School rated Distinguished by State of Colorado

During the regularly scheduled board meeting of the Eads School District, Superintendent Glenn Smith reported that the district had just received their annual accountability report from the state with some excellent news.  Both the elementary school and high school received a rating of Distinguished, while the middle school was ranked as Accredited; overall the Eads School District was one of 25 districts in the state to receive the Distinguished rating; meaning the district is in the top 13% of schools in the state.

The board heard other reports, as well, including a general description of the start of the new year from Secondary Principal Betsy Barnett.  Barnett described the success of the eclipse event at the school where the older students teamed up with the elementary kids and helped them to be safe during the event.  She also indicated the count at the high school is teetering around 50 students, about the same as last year, despite the fact that 16 seniors graduated in May.  The freshman class, however, has 18 students which makes it the largest in the school, while the senior class only has eight. 

Trey Eder, district Athletic Director, reported Eads would have a football team, despite speculation to the contrary, as they currently have 12 players out.  Volleyball will enjoy JV games as they have a good 19 strong out.  The middle school sports numbers are solid as there are 19 football players and 18 volleyball players.  Two high school girls are traveling to Lamar to play softball.  There are 8 golfers out for the Eads Golf Team. 

Mrs. Dawn James reported on the dual credit offerings at Eads High School where she carries the bulk of instruction for the load of college courses.  This year she has more DL students than usual, including LCC students, which is a new concept.  This requires James and the other Eads concurrent enrollment teachers to expand their skills and requirements in this type of teaching. 

A number of action items were approved including the following:  Pamela Cole will be the 2017 designated election official.  Smith does not expect there to be an election as all four directors have handed in their petitions and there have been no others received.  The deadline has come and gone.

The board also approved the formation of a coop between Eads Wrestling and the McClave Wrestling program for the 2017-2018 season.  The team will be called the County Line Rivals with team colors to be determined.  Practices will alternate between schools.  The head coach will be Cade Hasser from McClave, and Hayden Uhland from Eads will assist.  All costs will be split including travel where responsibility for the bus and driver will be determined by where the team is traveling. 

There was also discussion about the upcoming tailgate party where Titan LED, LLC and Adams Electric will provide food and all the trimmings for the community in an expression of thank you for the business partnerships formed throughout the past year.  It was also announced that the two companies will pay the gate for both Eads and Otis fans for the first football and volleyball games of the season. 

Other concerns were expressed by Eder concerning the lack of numbers to field a Baseball team.  When straw polling the Eads students there were only six students who showed interest.  There is talk of Eads and Cheyenne Wells cooping and practicing at the Kit Carson field.  This will not be the best plan as it will eliminate those athletes who take track and baseball; however, both schools will not be able to field a baseball team if a coop is not created.  More discussion will have to happen on this. 
Accountability Committee goals for the 2017-2018 school year were presented to the board.  They included ways to motivate students to get involved; the new wellness grant; updated playground equipment; and the new Incentive Program for grades 3-12 where students get out of school early in May if they meet certain criteria in behavior, responsibility, attendance, and academics. 

A general and heart-felt discussion was held among the board and administration concerning how the numbers of kids getting involved is dwindling.  With the small numbers in the schools in the area, it is vital that everyone gets involved.  This isn’t happening and the board is concerned about this phenomenon. 

After quite a bit of discussion, the board did adjourn after about an hour and a half in session.  The next meeting is the last Monday in September.

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