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  • We've come a long way, baby! Where to next? Come with us!

We've come a long way, baby! Where to next? Come with us!

Nearly every week for the past two years, I run across someone who tells me how much they love the Kiowa County Independent and that they greatly enjoy the original content that has quickly become our trademark.  But, they also say, “Please slow down, don’t write so much because you’re going to run out of things to say!” 

This comment sets me back every time I hear it because I want to assure them, “Are you kidding?  We have so much to say we can never find the time or the print space to capture the true essence and nature of this community and region in which we live.”  I am so blessed to be in a position to at least try.

Sitting here in the Indy offices on Maine Street on this gorgeous late January day, I’m inspired to think back on all we’ve achieved over the past two years since we published the first Kiowa County Independent on February 3, 2016.  Some of the key aspects of our business is the same, but most have changed---for the better, I believe.  It’s still Priscilla and I having long conversations about our dreams for our community and region as we weather the societal, economic, political, and personal changes that naturally occur.  Our ideas continue to be so big, so important, that we struggle at times to find ways to explain them to our readers.  

We have come a long way in two years.  We’ve tackled a number of sensitive topics, met some really interesting people, thrown out some enticing ideas, and developed working relationships with so many people.  It’s the working relationships---the collaborative efforts we’ve been a part of---that I think best describe where we’ve been over the past two years, and, definitely, where we need to now go.

Lombardi, the famous football player, coach, and NFL executive (that was for Priscilla’s sake as she knows nothing about sports) is famous for stating, “Individual commitment to a group effort—that is what makes a Team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”  And, of course, he’s completely right.  The Indy staff is proof of the truth of what he says.  Individually, we have our strengths.  Priscilla is the amazing writer and researcher, passionate about politics and people, and loves to tell a story.  Kayla, did I mention she was helping us on the webpage again, is one of the most persistent people I’ve ever met.  If there is a problem, she will work at it until it is no longer a problem.  Billy is like a machine in that he can create the most amazing things in a very short amount of time.  And Denise is that steady presence who comes in one day a week, makes sure the paper is out, and the subscribers are happy.  Me, I just try to keep up and fill in the holes where necessary.  Together, our Team collaborates, resulting in a pretty darn good local newspaper---special editions and all.

Of course, Henry Ford is known for his forward-thinking ideas, including developing the first Model T automobile.  He said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”  Here at the Indy, we believe this is so true.  Our goal for the past two years and into the future is to portray and inspire success for all.  We try to encourage everyone to move forward together.  We talk about big ideas such as good schools, success in business, improvement of our Maine Street, the re-opening of the railroad, the filling of the lakes, and on--- and on--- and on.  We hope to drive this community forward, together with you riding along.  Our ideas are big and positive and sometimes incredible, but we put them out there so that we all can move forward together.  Collaboration.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”  That is the simplicity of how we can bring our community into years of success to come.  We must all work together.  In the newspaper business, it is a clear line.  We passionately put out the news, the ideas, the facts, the history---the story every week.  It’s a lot of work, but together we do it.  Every time someone subscribes to the paper, it’s a small individual act for sure, but when hundreds subscribe it allows us to do so much.  When hundreds subscribe to the paper, individual advertisers want to get their specials and important information to the subscribers.  The advertisers, individually and as a whole, are the lifeblood of our local paper.  Without them, there is no paper----without subscribers, there are no advertisers.  Collaboration.
Then it’s important to remember that those advertisers, as amazing as they have been to us, are involved because they need to make sales.  That’s where we all, individually and a group, come in.  We urge you all to patronize our advertisers and to buy locally with those businesses who are making the statement that they believe in not only the newspaper, but also, its readers. Collaboration.

It’s a perfect circle of collaboration.  It’s interconnected.  Without one, the whole cannot succeed.  Without each of us supporting the other, no one succeeds.  I don’t even want to imagine our community without the Kiowa County Independent.  We believe it truly does take a village to have the successes we have seen in the past two years, and for sure, it will take each of us doing our part to make it all work.  SUBSCRIBE today.  PATRONIZE the advertisers today. ADVERTISE today. COLLABORATE, one and all, for the future.

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