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Kiowa County National Bank, Valley National Bank Change Name to GN-Bank

GN-Bank Name Change
As most people are probably aware of by now, Kiowa County National Bank has officially changed its name to GN Bank, a change that is being made by the entirety of Kansas based Girard National Bank.  Girard National is the parent bank of Kiowa County National Bank and, including GN-BANK in Eads, serves 14 wonderful communities in locations throughout Kansas and Southeastern Colorado. 

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Eads School Board Gets Updates on Summer Projects

Eads Eagles

The regularly scheduled June meeting for the Eads School Board was held on June 25th with a light agenda on tap.  The board heard a report from Superintendent Glenn Smith concerning the work being done over the summer in preparation for the 2018-2019 school year.  Smith reminded the board that the first day of school is scheduled for Wednesday, August 8th, with the teachers are expected back to work on Monday, the 6th. 

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Cheyenne Leader Honored

Jeff C. Campbell
As a good sign he was watching, a few tears fell from the heavens blessing the Sunday June 24 memorial services. The day couldn’t have been more beautiful with sunlight warming the afternoon as a few hundred Northern Cheyenne tribal members, family and friends gathered to remember a good man.

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2018 Farm Bill Shaping Up To Be Tough Row to Hoe

Wheat Field - Ty Lin Williams
Any relief farmers may have felt at the passage out of the House version of the 2018 Farm Bill was very short lived as the Senate passed a different version of their own. Passed by a sweeping 86-11 vote, the Senate bill was largely viewed as a bi-partisan effort to quickly deliver some much needed certainty and support to farmers who are confronting low commodity prices and a myriad of other issues, not the least of which is a rising rate of suicide. 

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Eads School District Proposes Sweeping Solutions for Security

Eads School Security
Sparked by recent school shootings including the Valentine Day incident in Parkland, Florida and the recent shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, the Eads School District leadership has been having numerous discussions over the last few months about changes that can be made to the security plan in all buildings on the school campus.  They feel there are areas where they can enhance the protection for the school staff and children on a given daily basis.  Throughout these discussions, many points of view have been expressed from staff members and administration, alike.  The Accountability Committee has taken in the main discussion points.  In response to this input, Accountability formed a security committee that was assigned the work of collecting information and, based on the input received, make recommendations to the school board.

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