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Hadlie Rittgers Receives the Prestigious Daniels Fund Scholarship

Hadlie Rittgers is a kid who has worked extremely hard for everything she earns. And the Eads High School senior has earned plenty of accolades throughout her high school years contributing in a huge way on the volleyball team, basketball team, track team, and golf team. She’s also in leadership positions in FFA and FBLA. Just this year she was one of three students who won a state championship on their FBLA Business Enterprise project qualifying for nationals later this summer.

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So Many Bills, So Little Time

Committee hearing for National Popular Vote

I’m sure that all of us really were paying attention in Civics class (remember that?) but what follows is just a quick review of the process for how a bill becomes law in Colorado. Bills can be introduced in either the House or the Senate. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll start with the House. After a legislator introduces a bill, it has its first reading by the House clerk and is then assigned to the appropriate committee by the Speaker of the House. That committee has a hearing that includes both public and expert testimony and the addition of amendments. The committee then votes to either pass on the bill or “kill” it, which stops its progress. If the bill passes “out of committee”, it has a second reading, which can include debates and additional amendments. The bill then has its third and final reading. If it passes, it goes on to the Senate where it follows basically the same process. If the bill passes the Senate without amendments, it goes to the governor to be signed into law or vetoed. That veto can be overridden by 2/3 vote from each house. If it doesn’t pass the Senate, it goes to “conference committee”, comprised of 3 members from each house where they come up with a bill that can pass both houses. The majority of members must agree on the bill before it goes back to each house for an up-or-down vote. Any bill that requires funding is sent to the Legislative Legal Services—non-partisan staff who analyze the bill to determine its effect on state spending. Appropriations Committee is also part of the process, which includes an appropriations clause that includes the amount of funding. One note: people have the right to review all laws passed by the legislature unless the law as a “Safety Clause” that says the law is necessary for public safety. As a result, most laws now include the “Safety Clause”.

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Have You Noticed the Prairie Pines Pool is Closed? Here's Why & What We Can Do About It!

Prairie Pines Assisted Living swimming pool in Eads, Colorado

If you haven’t noticed lately, the pool at Prairie Pines Assisted Living has been closed down tight and all aquatic classes for the residents, swimming parties for birthdays, physical therapy sessions, and community exercise has ceased---at least for now.

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Digital Marketing Analysis of Eads - Part II

Eads Colorado

If there was one message Part I of the Digital Marketing Analysis for Eads should have conveyed to readers, it is that Eads has a lot of great things going for it; however, we haven’t figured out just how to tell anyone outside of Kiowa County what those things are, let alone how to share them with visitors and possible future citizens who have never heard of Eads.

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Taylor Reed, Reborn


It was the most extraordinary day of his life when, in 2007, Eads High School sophomore Taylor Reed led his football team to win the state championship. It was a huge victory for the team, the school and the town. As quarterback, it was also a personal triumph, for the 15 year old had a dream of one day playing professional sports.

“Winning that game was incredible,” he says. “It felt like I could do anything.”

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