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SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY: A fun, worthy and important tradition

Small Business Saturday

Eight years ago, American Express came up with an intriguing campaign. It seems that the massive corporation had just realized something that individual brick and mortar, owner/operated, non-franchised businesses had known for a long time.

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Negotiations in Place to Construct Kiowa County Wind Farm

The wind is blowing in potentially good news as Kiowa County joins the list of areas where renewable energy hopes to establish a presence. Over the past few months, representatives with NorthRenew Energy have been in the county contacting landowners to discuss leasing land for possible construction of the “Eads Prairie Wind Farm”.

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Conspiracy? Nope. Just Plain Old Human Error.

This midterm election has been “one for the books” in a myriad of ways, leaving voters on edge and distrustful of any event that seems out of the ordinary. As a result, it was no surprise that some Bent County residents were suspicious that something foul was afoot when they did not receive their ballots despite ballots being delivered to other residents in other parts of the county at least a week prior. Those suspicions seemed to be confirmed when a similar problem was reported in Adams County. In a sign of the times that should come as no surprise, there were questions raised on social media about voter fraud or possible partisanship being behind the delay while others speculated if this is what interference from outside forces might look like.

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CDHS Recognizes Kiowa County Social Services with Statewide "Best of the Best" Award

Kiowa County Social Services

Last Thursday, the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) recognized the staff of Kiowa County Social Services for "2017 C-Stat Distinguished Performance." The county’s outstanding performance efforts were tied to programs that help Coloradans, including helping more local families move toward a stronger economic future by connecting Coloradans with meaningful subsidized work opportunities and workforce development programs, delivering crucial food and energy assistance in a timely manner and keeping vulnerable children and adults safe.

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Debit Card Fraud Hits Some Local Bank Customers


The bar graph that Statista displays on its website shows the increase in amounts of money lost in the United States due to debit/credit card fraud from 2012 to 2018. From a distance, the bars look like a series of broad steps going up the side of a mountain. When the figures are added to the graph, the overall image doesn’t change; it simply begs the question, just how high is this mountain going to go?

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