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BITCOIN: Big Coin or Chump Change?

Photo Credit: The Guardian

Brock is a 30 something year old man who occasionally likes to try his luck with different investments. Almost on a whim, he invested $900 in something called bitcoin. As of December 11th, just a few months after he invested, Brock’s $900 investment is worth almost $17,000.


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The Little Turquoise House and its Great Big Heart

Starting in 1992, the people of Kiowa County—via budget allocation by the Board of County Commissioners—set aside $1,000 in the budget every year for providing general assistance to people who find themselves stranded in the county and are in need of help with money for gas or a hotel room. These unfortunate travelers would often receive the help through the Department of Social Services.

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Eads FFA Brings Home District Championships

On Wednesday, November 29th, 7 members of the Eads FFA chapter traveled to Cheyenne Wells to compete in the District Competition. 

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Four Degrees From Soloviev

When it comes to Stefan Soloviev, a man who has a substantial presence in Kiowa County but resides in New York, the people of Kiowa County generally fall into one of four categories. The largest group is made up of people who don’t immediately recognize the name but are familiar with someone described as “the Russian who has bought a lot of land around here.” The next group of people, slightly smaller in number, know the name, know he is actively involved in different ventures but don’t know any of the specifics of his situation. The next group, smaller still, know the name, have a good idea of his specific interests in the county and may even have had some dealings with him but have only communicated with his attorney, who also lives out of state. And then, there is the small group of people who know Soloviev personally, who speak to him on occasion and are distinctly familiar with the things he’s doing in—and for—the county.

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Three Swink High School Students Arrested After Hit List Revealed

For Swink High School Superintendent Kyle Hebberd, Monday morning started out like any other day, but quickly turned sinister as he received a call from the Otero Sheriff’s Department describing some extremely upsetting news. He was told three of his students had been arrested earlier that morning after they received a call from a student alerting them of a possible school shooting being planned.

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