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Boat Capsized at NeeNoshe Reservoir - Kiowa County Sheriff's Office Press Relase

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On Wednesday, March 23rd, at about 7:20 pm the Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office, Fire Department and Ambulance were paged out to a capsized boat at Neenoshe Reservoir south of Eads.

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Controlled Burn Reignites and burns 3 vehicles and 3 acres at the Kiowa County Road & Bridge Shop

Kiowa County Shop Fires

According to Howard Votruba, Fire Chief for Kiowa County, the fire, which occurred on Sunday west of Highway 287, reignited from a controlled burn conducted an hour and 20 minutes earlier.  The fire was called out at 12:30pm and burned approximately 3 acres plus 3 non-operational vehicles stored on the property.  The fire was contained by 1:30pm and out by 4:15pm.  Ten firefighters responded from the Kiowa County Fire Department as well as personnel with the Kiowa County Sheriff's Department. Other volunteers aided with the fire, as well.

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Kiowa County Fire District: No Longer An Option

There are some issues that are so important that they require we simply cut to the chase. This is one of those issues. 

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Hold The Line

Kiowa County Firefighters - Eads, Colorado
To a passerby unfamiliar with the various residents of Kiowa County, a conversation about the weather between two relatively soft spoken, mild mannered men like David Kraft and Howard Vortruba might seem to be typical, casual, small talk.  But if that conversation includes the discussion of high winds, low humidity or—worst of all—lightning, it wouldn’t take long for even that passerby to realize that the topic of their conversation is anything but casual, typical or small. 

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RESOLUTION: It's Time To Do Something (PART II)

Kiowa County Independent Resolutions
In the February 24th issue, an article highlighted the problems presented by the disturbing  number of empty buildings in Eads and the county, as a whole.  If the array of commentary received from readers of the Independent is any indication, the concern over empty buildings is shared by a number of people. 

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