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Linly Stum Weighs In: Unless Congress Takes Action, it is the 1980s All Over Again

     In Economics 101, we were taught that new wealth to any economy comes out of the earth through food, fiber and mineral production.  All other economic inputs are red ink.  If you want confirmation of this, one only needs to look at the 1980s.  Some called it supply-side economics; others called it Reaganomics, but leading economists, and, eventually, some of Reagan’s own economic advisers, called it “Voodoo economics”, and it resulted in massive losses in food, fiber (farms and ranches), and mineral (oil) production enterprises.  This, in turn, triggered the largest number of bank failures in American history. More than 140 banks failed in Texas alone.

     In 1980, there were five banks in rural Rush County Kansas, and all five failed.

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Roger Evans - Veteran of Viet Nam

     The year was 1968.  The country was in turmoil, and Roger Evans will be the first to say that he came of age in a time of rebellion.  It’s not a difficult thing to believe; Roger, with his deep voice and direct manner of speaking, could easily be taken for a man determined to follow his own way in his own style. And while this may be somewhat true of him today, perhaps, at 18 years old, the rebellion was not as pervasive to Roger’s being as his words might suggest.  Despite growing up without a father, without guidance, no set thing to do and a history of getting in trouble, Roger still instinctively knew at some level he needed something larger than himself to teach him to be disciplined….to put him on the path toward manhood.  And so, he joined the army, even knowing it was likely he would be sent to Viet Nam.  What he didn’t know—what he couldn’t possibly know—is that the path to manhood would result in turning him old long, long before his time.

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Orville Mousel - Veteran of World War II

     Although the windows of his house look out over miles and miles of Kiowa County land, Orville Mousel still carries within him a deep love of the sea.   It takes little effort to imagine how the years on the water have shaped him to be the man he is.  At 95 years old, his clear gaze, steady gait and calm, quiet nature seem to embody the timelessness of the sea itself, as if his spirit is as impervious to the passing of years as are the waters of the great Pacific.

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J.C. Cordova - Veteran of the War in Iraq

     When some men and women speak of their experiences in war, it can seem as if the experience makes itself known on its own--not just in the words they speak but in the way the words are spoken, the length and cadence of their sentences, the way the words flow together and the times when the words are overcome by silence.   This rarely, if ever, seems to be a conscious or deliberate act, yet it often seems to have the stark, deliberate reality of a truth that will not allow itself to be hidden by the manners and mannerisms so frequently used as disguise. 

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Kiowa County Election Results 2016

Kiowa County Election results for the 2016 Election are as follows:

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