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Stakeholders Urged to Build on Good News

     As a person walks down Maine Street in “Eads, America”, he will see a scene that is repeated in hundreds of small towns across the country. A once prosperous business district with stores, cafes and places of entertainment has become diminished over the years.  Now, a handful of established, well run businesses are the only anchors holding Maine Street in place as the rest of the buildings stand dilapidated beyond repair, vacant or are used for personal storage.  More and more, this is a picture of small towns facing real challenges. 

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  • A1 Rentals
  • Praise Community Church
  • Kiowa County Hospital District
  • A1 Towing
  • Klmr
  • First Baptist Directory Ad
  • United Methodist Church
  • Performance Automotive
  • Chivington Friends Church
  • R And T
  • 719 Metal
  • Kiowa Health Mart
  • Cobblestone
  • Peterson Payne
  • Seth Walker
  • Girard National Bank
  • Farm Credit
  • Eastern Slope Technologies
  • Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation
  • Landfill Ad
  • First Christian Church
  • Health Essentials
  • Craig Kerfoot