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Eads School Board Approves All Personnel Contracts for 2018-2019

Eads School Board
The Eads School Board met in regular session on Monday night and approved all contracts for the 2018-2019 school year including the approval of non-probationary, probationary, administrative, coaching, unclassified and classified personnel.  The board also accepted the resignation of para-professional Lindsey Barlow who will join a new training program at SE BOCES as a school guidance counselor.  The district will more than likely be looking at a full-time para position; and possibly two depending on what the need of the students will be next year.

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Election Results for the Kiowa County Fire Protection District Board

Kiowa County Fire Protection District

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Members of the Family of Crazy Horse coming to Lamar Public Library, A Journey of Truth

Dull Knife, Crazy Horses grandfather on his maternal side
No matter where we live, no matter what language we speak or religion we follow, no matter our age, our education, our income, the color of our skin or any of those things that seem to separate us from one another, there is, nonetheless, one thing that connects us all as human beings. 

That one thing is stories.

From the time that pictures were drawn on rocks to the time when language was first spoken, human beings have told and listened to stories, and we continue to hear them and tell them every day.

Stories fill our lives. Sometimes, they fill our hearts.  And, sometimes, a story is so good that it belongs on the front page of a newspaper.

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Notes from the Emergency Manager for Fire Season

Given the current climate (literally), the Independent thought it would be advisable to get an update from the office of Kiowa County Emergency Management regarding the county’s state of preparedness. 

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Witte, Votruba Both Running for KCFPD Board Positions

Kiowa County Fire Protection District
NOTE FROM THE EDITOR:  The April 25th edition of the Kiowa County Independent included an in-depth feature article on the experience of Zach Kopasz, a hotshot wildland firefighter who resides in Kiowa County.  Kopasz is also running for a board position in the upcoming election. 
It has been the long standing policy of the Independent to not endorse candidates.  “Taking the Heat” was not an exception to that policy.  Nonetheless, this week, the staff at the Independent felt it was only fair to provide some insight into the other two candidates running for the board—again, not as an endorsement of any kind but more in an endeavor to be fair and equal in our coverage of this important election. 

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