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New Service Offered at Eads Medical Clinic

Chronic Care Management at Eads Medical Clinic

The Eads Medical Clinic strives to provide services that benefit our community. We would like to introduce a new program entitled Chronic Care Management, which will benefit our Medicare patients.

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Worthy of The Name

Super Moon

Last Sunday night, anyone who happened to wander outside around 9:00 and had the presence of mind to look up would have seen something that just isn’t seen that often.

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Big Shutdown Has Big Impact

Sand Creek Massacre Park Closed for Government Shutdown


Patience. That’s a very familiar word to people living on the High Plains. No telling how many people have been told, time and again, to be patient. No one is to blame. It’s the circumstances that demand it. Being frustrated won’t make the rains come any faster or the prices any higher. Reacting with anything other than patience could be the first step on a trip that doesn’t end well.

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Kiowa County Officials Take Oath of Office

Kiowa County Sheriff's Office Sworn In

Last week, Kiowa County, Colorado’s new and returning officials assembled in the courthouse, raised their right hand and took the oath of office, as administered by Judge Gary Davis.

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Shutdown Affects Food Benefits for Colorado Families Including those in Kiowa County

SNAP Benefits


In response to the partial federal government shutdown, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has asked states to issue February’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits early--by Jan. 20th--which has the potential to affect 220,000 Colorado families.

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