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     Spirit Collective’s BRANDED series is here! BRANDED features my favorite products or brands that originated from truly inspiring stories and people. The posts will not only include trending, fashionable products and photos, but will also focus on the inspiration behind the brand. In the future if you see a post titled BRANDED, make sure to check out the product because I will feature only those products in which I love.

     Some of you may be wondering why I would chose to feature a water bottle as my first BRANDED, but let me tell you—this line of water bottles should be on your ‘must-have’ list. Water is so essential for our skin, digestion, and simply our overall health as humans. It is likely that a majority of you might say you don’t drink enough water, and that drinking more water is one of your top health goals. Don’t worry! We are all in the same boat—and a solution to your ‘water-worry-woes’ is already on the market! I promise I am not a paid advertiser, but my BKR glass water bottle is my absolute number one everyday essential.  I carry it literally everywhere with me: to class, to the gym, traveling, and it is always right next to me while I study. Why-- because it keeps me on track with my fitness goals, is very stylish, and I love drinking out of it.

      When I stumbled upon BKR it wasn’t because of the bottle, it was actually because of the founders Tal Winter and Kate Cutler. Last year I finally came to the realization that although my current career path would lead me to practice law, I wanted to also start and own a business someday. Tal and Kate intrigued me because they left their great San Francisco law firm jobs to start BKR. As Cutler says, “(we) had some extra money in our pockets, and we saw a niche in the marketplace that needed to be filled.” They realized they were intelligent, fashionable, cultured women who wanted everything in their lives to be glowing and glamorous, but were constantly drinking out of trash, and it just didn’t make sense.  The idea is that rather than constantly buy disposable bottles; BKR’s vessels are the chick, environmentally friendly alternative.

     Since 2011 Tal and Kate have been proving that beauty will change the world. As they put it, “BKR is the antidote to cheap, disposable, plastic bottles and the key to skin that glows from the inside.” The mission resonated with me because I am extremely active, and the amount of water that I drink directly corresponds to how I feel during my day or a workout. As many of you know I am also obsessed with products that look and feel great. The glass water bottle features a small opening for no-spill sipping, a lid that has a convenient loop handle at the top which makes it easy to carry on walks or hikes, and it also features a silicone sleeve that encases the bottle making it soft. However, the best part is the colors! BKR’s colors are inspired by the runway, fashion seasons, and contemporary culture and fine art. What does this mean? There are dozens and dozens of colors and you can choose the one that makes you feel the best!

      Additionally, I love the BKR brand because it is simple and contemporary. The bottles are so low key, yet are an accessory that makes you feel great, and also looks great wherever you take it. They are glass bottles, which means they are infinitely reusable, contain no harmful chemicals, and are super easy to keep clean.  If you explore their website {linked below}, you will understand what all the rage is about. Their marketing scheme is top notch, and the brand they have built around BKR is truly a testament of the success of women founded and run companies! Celebrities love them, I love them (I have two), and you might also. They come in three different sizes and range from $28-$45. And finally, if you are looking for a small gift for a special occasion this is a good one! Each time I have given a BKR to a friend, they have absolutely loved it!

I hope you enjoyed Spirit Collective’s first BRANDED post. Check back each week for something new!

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