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  • Cheyenne Wells Girls' Golf Team Wins Wray Tournament

Cheyenne Wells Girls' Golf Team Wins Wray Tournament

Last week the Cheyenne Wells girls’ golf team traveled to Wray to compete on that golf course against 6 other teams from across the state.  The team consists of golfers from Cheyenne Wells, Kit Carson, and Eads.  They are coached by Stacy Noe. 

The Cheyenne Wells high school golf team at the Wray Tournament.  Pictured are Morgan Cunningham, Haley Johnson, Kendra Noe, and Hadlie Rittgers.  (Photo credit: Stacy Noe)There are four members on the team and during a team tournament all three of the four scores are taken as a whole team performance.  Golfers also compete for individual placing.  

At Wray the Cheyenne Wells team won the tournament with Kendra Noe, a senior from Cheyenne Wells, and Haley Johnson, a junior from Kit Carson, tying with a third girl.  Playoffs are decided by scores on the last nine holes.  If there is still a tie, they go to the score on the first nine holes; and if there is still a tie they will look at the last three holes on the back nine.  The Wray girl got the nod in the tie-breaker.  But two Cheyenne Wells team members, Noe and Johnson, were tied in all determinations except the last one where Johnson had a better score on the back three holes.  That placed Johnson 4th and Noe 5th in the tournament.

Junior Hadlie Rittgers from Eads, placed 7th in the tournament.

Currently, Cheyenne Wells is right in the mix of teams vying for a team position in the upcoming state tournament.  Individual seedings show Noe in 12th, Johnson is 14th in the state, and Rittgers is currently 28th.  According to Coach Noe, “Some of the scores are not posted yet and our girls have beaten some of the girls seeded above them, so I’m optimistic for them!”

The team has two tournaments this week including one in Holyoke on Tuesday and in Yuma on Friday.

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