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  • Champions of the 2-man-1-woman Golf Tournament Shoot a Scorching 62

Champions of the 2-man-1-woman Golf Tournament Shoot a Scorching 62

The fun and ever-challenging Eads Golf Course 2-Man-1-Woman Scramble Tournament was highlighted this year with some excellent golf all around.  When the 18 holes were completed the team of Monti Crawford, Kara Crawford, and Ryan Wyatt had just eeked out the championship with a scorching fourteen under par, 62 score on the day.

The Scramble rules in this unique tournament require that the three-person team take at least two drives from each player.  With the wild card of the woman golfer, which generally drives the ball short of the men, it takes strategy on the part of the team to take the best drives at the most opportune times.  Once the drive to take is determined by the team, then they scramble to the hole, meaning they all hit and play from the spot of the best shot.  Obviously, these rules can create some impressive under-par golf as it did in Eads on Saturday.

The championship flight is always seeded after the first nine holes and amazingly enough only two strokes separated twelve teams who were placed in the top flight.  Coming in with a leading 31 on the front nine was the team of Tom Richards, Kim Richards, and Loren Patterson.  They were followed by three teams who came in with 32’s and an amazing 8 teams who all came in tied with rounds of 33.  On the back nine there were two teams who tore up the course and made it interesting down to the very last stroke. 

The team of Kyle Barnett, Reese Barnett, and Randy Holmen challenged to the bitter end the eventual champions of Crawford-Crawford-Wyatt.  Both teams brought in back nine scores of 30’s, but Barnett-Barnett-Holmen had suffered a 33 in the front nine and couldn’t quite slip in on the eventual champions.  They would settle for second place.  Coming in third was Leo Hirtado, Shellie Hirtado, and Cody Hirtado, a team from Hugo, and in fourth place was Richards-Richards-Patterson.

There were 12 teams in the First Flight, as well.  After the front nine they were separated by four strokes with four teams coming in with a 34 round.  The two teams with the best back nine won the First Flight with the team of Chad Rouse, Tiffanie Rouse, and Justin Crow winning the flight with a ten-under 66.  Coming in second was another 66 score from Dave Weisenand, Julie Witt, and Tom Arnsdorf from Flagler.  In third place with a 67 was Damon Dechant, Amanda Dechant, and Mike Crawford.  In paying out four places the final money winners of the first flight were Braylynn Eder, Dustin Batterton, and Kyle Sniff with a 68.

The next event at the Eads Golf Club will feature the Two-Man Scramble Tournament on August 4 & 5 with teams scrambling both days.  This is a huge tournament that includes a dinner on Saturday night and an auction of players for the Sunday finale. 

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