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  • "Wreck the Wolverines" Homecoming theme in Kit Carson

"Wreck the Wolverines" Homecoming theme in Kit Carson

Last week was a busy week at Kit Carson School as it was Homecoming week with the quite accurate theme being, “Wreck the Wolverines.”  When the active and enjoyable week had wound down the Wolverines had duly been wrecked, Kit Carson crowned a new King and Queen, and the volleyball and football teams added another notch in the win column on the season.

At the football game Josie Hornung was crowned Homecoming Queen and Chris Bryan was crowned King.The students had a lot of fun with the dress up days, put together a pep rally and bonfire on Thursday, and even competed in a corn hole tournament.  On Friday they decorated the walls of the school, specifically their class walls, and performed skits for the crowd.  The junior class won the skits competition, while the freshman had the best wall.  One of the most enjoyable for the large crowd on hand Friday was the senior vs faculty volleyball game.  Despite numerous inquiries, the Indy was unable to get a true and accurate accounting of the score---which is probably just as well.

The homecoming candidates from each class included Tieler Randel and Christian Palmer (freshmen), Reyna Isenbart and David Arnold (sophomores), Josie Hornung and Chris Bryan (juniors), and Paige Johnson and Elmer Bryan were the senior candidates.  At the football game Josie Horning was crowned Homecoming Queen and Chris Bryan was crowned King.  

The “Wreck the Wolverines” theme resonated loud and clear with the student body, most who are athletes.   Among all the other excitement of the week, the volleyball team wrecked Cheraw, 3-0; while the football team totaled Cheraw, 59-0.

Photo Credit Kerstin Hornung

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