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Former Colorado State Patrol Officer, Bryan Williams to Run for Kiowa County Sheriff

Bryan Williams has officially announced his candidacy for Kiowa County Sheriff on the Republican ticket as the current and appointed Sheriff, Forrest Frazee has stated that he will not be running for election in the coming midterm election. “I have many years of leadership experience as a Marine and as a Colorado State Trooper, I have a lot of respect for Forrest (Sheriff Frazee) and I want to help serve this community to the best of my ability, and I know I can do this job.”

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| Betsy Barnett | News

The New First Christian Church Turned 50 on Sunday

Sunday morning was a beautiful sunny winter day, and it would the setting for a birthday party for the ol’ girl at the north end of Maine Street who was turning 50 years old on that Sunday, January 16, 2022. It was a birthday party for the beautiful First Christian Church in Eads building that was built and dedicated on January 16, 1972. Many past and current members attended the celebration led by current minister Mark Imel. After the services the congregation gathered in the 50-year-old fellowship hall to celebrate and reminisce the many blessings that has been bestowed upon the building in the past 50 years. There were a number of interesting...
| Administrator | News

Rural Colorado Resident Declares Candidacy for Colorado Secretary of State in 2022

Rural Colorado Yuma County resident, Mike O’Donnell, has thrown his hat into the ring to be Republican nominee for Colorado Secretary of State at the November 2022 election. “That office is, or ou...
| Kit Carson Staff | News

Letter to the Editor

School Boards Make a Difference School board members are ordinary people who demonstrate extraordinary dedication to our public schools. January marks School Board Recognition Month and is the per...

| Betsy Barnett | News

Kiowa County Hospital District Continues to Wade Though Controversy But They're Not Giving Up Yet

Last year was a tumultuous year for the Kiowa County Hospital District (KCHD) as controversy and questionable board practices haunted the rural hospital district located in rural southeastern Color...
| Raina Lucero | News

Indy Picks: County Line Health Clinic

Shelby Casper a southeastern Colorado native grew up in the Las Animas and McClave area and is a 2009 McClave high school graduate and a licensed Family Nurse Practioner (FNP) who has invested her ...

| Betsy Barnett | Sports

Cheyenne Wells Girls Control Weskan in Light Hoops Weekende

The Cheyenne Wells girls’ basketball team coached by Jason Muth was scheduled for two home games, finally, after playing nearly all of the early season on the road. The teams coming this weekend were both coming from Kansas. Unfortunately, on Friday, the Wheatland/Grinnell game was cancelled due to travel concerns with high winds. Weskan, KS did show up on Saturday losing to the Tigers, 39-19. Cheyenne Wells is 7-1 on the early season and will now gear up for a key game on Friday night with Wiley. They’ll finish off the weekend at Kiowa. Of the weekend, Muth stated, “Weskan was shorthanded. Their main offensive weapon, Aubree Richardson was ill, but they are a well-coached team that played hard from start to finish.” The team’s seniors again played the leadership role. Muth described their contributions, “Sydney Dickey played one of her most well-rounded games pulling in boards, making steals, dishing out assists and acting as the floor leader. Erin Minton also did a lot of work ...

Kit Carson Steps Up Their Game Over the Weekend, Cheyenne Wells Continues Winning Streak

| Betsy Barnett | Sports
The Kit Carson boys’ team coached by Damon Dechant sports a dismal record if one is prone to just look at the 2-7 season tally thus far. However, in looking a little closer at this information, i...

Wiley Girls Drop Games to Kit Carson and South Baca

| John Contreras | Sports
Nita Walls Wiley guard Grace White looks to push the ball on transition during non-conference action against South Baca over the...


Student Newsroom: Sheep

| Rhealie Rittgers | Lifestyles
A sheep is defined as a domesticated ruminant animal with a thick woolly coat and (typically only in the male) curving horns. Sheep are kept in flo...

Hold on to Your Wallet!

| Representative Rob Pelton | Lifestyles
On Jan. 12th the Colorado Legislature goes back in session. I jokingly tell people that every day that we aren’t in session is a day that we aren’t...

The Joe Rogan Interview with Dr. Robert Malone was a Treasure Trove of COVID Topics

| Betsy Barnett | Lifestyles
Podcaster Joe Rogan has been breaking the podcast stratosphere as of late. The former comic now turned podcaster extraordinaire experienced a major...

In Spite of it All, the Future is Bright!

| Breanna Echols | Lifestyles
As this year is coming to a close, today I find myself caught up in reflection. There were so many good things that happened, and simultaneously so...

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