Kiowa County Hospital District Votes to Offer CEO Contract to Beth Bell

At their regularly scheduled monthly meeting the Kiowa County Hospital District (KCHD) voted unanimously to offer a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) contract to Beth Bell from Salt Lake City, Utah. The board settled on Bell after months of searching for a candidate who would be a good fit for the goals and mission of the district. The board interviewed several excellent candidates through the process and on Tuesday night whole-heartedly chose Bell.

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Kiowa County to Offer EMT Courses

October 6, 2022
Beginning Tuesday October 4th, the Kiowa County Emergency Management Services (EMS) will be hosting EMT classes each Tuesday and Thursday from 6 pm through 10 pm at the Kiowa County Hospital District training center located at the old senior citizens center on Maine Street in Eads.

NRA Defensive Pistol Class

October 6, 2022
The Kiowa County Farm Bureau has been instrumental in lining up an NRA certified defensive pistol class to be held in Eads staring on October 21st. This is approximately an 8 to10-hour course that combines classroom and range time. The pre-requisite for this class is the ability to legally possess a firearm according to state and federal laws.

Cheyenne Wells School Receives $35,000 Planning Grant

October 6, 2022
The Colorado Health Foundation graciously provided the Cheyenne County School District with a planning grant in the amount of $35,000. The Colorado Health Foundation is bringing health in reach for all Coloradans by engaging closely with communities across the state through investing, policy advocacy, learning and capacity building.

Eads Scores with Just Seconds Remaining to Defeat Walsh, 55-49

October 6, 2022
The situation was grim for the Eads Eagles at the beginning of last week as it looked like they would possibly have four injured starters out after the Cheraw game the week before. They managed to do some rearranging to protect a couple of the players and came up with a big win over Walsh, 55-49, despite not having a game plan until practice on Thursday.

Tigers Win the Cheyenne County Shoot Out Among Homecoming Festivities

October 6, 2022
Holly, McClave, and Wiley all picked up victories as Week 6 saw the start of conference play for teams in Class A League 7 last Friday, Sept. 30.

Holly, McClave, and Wiley All Picked Up League Victories in 8-Man Play; Granada Improves to 3-0 and 4-2 in 6-Man

October 6, 2022
Holly, McClave, and Wiley all picked up victories as Week 6 saw the start of conference play for teams in Class A League 7 last Friday, Sept. 30.

As Time Goes By With Rich O'Brian: We're Baaack!

| Rich O'Brian | As Time Goes By With Rich O'Brian
Summer’s over, the Hiatus is behind us and Fight Club for men has returned to Eads. Gentlemen, the first meeting for this term will gather at JJ’s...

Happy Trails With Dawni O'Bryan: I Am Not Falling for It

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I admit it. I absolutely love summer and being outdoors. So, when fall rolls around and the temperatures start to dip, I have to pull myself up by ...

Happy Trails With Dawni O'Bryan: Something for Everyone

| Dawni O'Bryan | Happy Trails With Dawni O'Bryan
If you have been keeping up with me, I have been highlighting several of the county fairs in our area. The county fair is a little slice of heaven ...

Day-to-Day with Doris

| Doris Lessenden | Day-to-Day With Doris
Monday September 12th was a special day for all the students at Eads and Kit Carson schools when men and women from Cheyenne Wells, Kit Carson, and...

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