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Accidental Country Girls
Accidental Country Girls

Accidental Country Girls: Spring has Sprung!

By Whitney Barnett & Chelsea Davis

April 3, 2018

Spring has Sprung!

The days are getting longer, temperatures are rising, bits of greenery are popping up...Spring has sprung! Spring is one of our favorite times of year for a multitude of reasons! As high school girls, we loved all things spring. Sorry, not the wind and track (haha!  It’s no secret that was our least favorite sport EVER! #sorrynotsorry). We were more excited about all of the hype and festivities that comes with that special spring evening...PROM!!!
Chelsea Davis and Whitney Barnett
All of the prep that surrounds this monumental high school event such as selecting the perfect dress and finding that special someone as your date. By the way, back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, there was no elaborate “Prom-posal.” We were elated to be asked in person or even via an old school hand written note. Then a month prior, girls would begin obtaining that gorgeous glow by hitting up the tanning beds. Order a boutonnière for our date and decide how to style our hair.  Junior year...from décor and class dinner planning to decoration set up was a stressful time. However, seniors and parents found it equally stressful trying to plan a fun filled event for an after prom party, complete with prizes, snacks, etc.

Finally, the countdown had commenced and it was Prom day! We would begin our day by Chels showing up to Whit’s house at the crack of dawn with her dress, accessories and caboodle in hand. We would typically give each other a pedicure, indulge in our favorite BJ’s burger, apply each other’s makeup, and patiently wait our turn for Whit’s talented mama to fix our hair. This was honestly our favorite part of the entire event! All day giggles with your bestie, putting on a fancy dress, getting pampered and dolled up...what’s not to love?! Our dates would show up with our beautiful corsages and whisk us away to a night of a fancy dinner, silly prophecies written and read by our volleyball coach, dancing (mostly with our girlfriends) and lifelong memories.
Whitney Barnett and Chelsea Davis
Now those memories are just photographs and we enjoy living vicariously through all of the current high school girls. So in the spirit of prom this year, Whit and Chels are offering a gourmet dining experience at Demitasse for Eads prom-goers! We will be serving 20 prom-goers who will indulge in a lavish delectable meal before attending prom 2018. We should’ve said, “Make rsvp to Kyle Barnett or Kevin Davis!!” Baahahahaa! Who are we kidding?! They don’t even know we’re doing this and despised Prom! In fact, they hate spring!

We hope that everyone’s prom experience(s) are as fun, safe and memorable as ours were. We can’t wait to see all the kids dolled up at our dinner and the Grand March!

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