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All Time Faves

By Whitney Barnett & Chelsea Davis

2016-09-23 00:19:52

     We all have our favorite go to items no matter which department we are discussing, what menu you may be browsing or even what store you are hunting for that perfect item. Sometimes some of life’s simple pleasures come from the little things. Growing up together, we have very similar tastes in just about everything.

     Whitney has always been the more stylish one, especially since Chelsea’s nickname once upon a time was “Garth Brooks” for her country attire Whit obviously disapproved of, even though we both adore Garth!

     It’s funny how even after living in different states for the past fifteen years, our closets, kitchen cabinets & even purses contain many of the same items. Over the years some things haven’t changed, like some of our favorite things in life.
Coffee 1.    Coffee- This isn’t just a favorite, but a daily staple! When you’ve got laundry back up, kiddos to get ready for school and then practice, cooking, cleaning, yard maintenance, playdates or suppers, and working however many hours a week out of the home...coffee IS a necessity!  Our favorite accompaniment to coffee is a cheese danish! Entenmann's brand is actually our go to as it can be found in most grocery stores. A cute chunky mug with a good handle is the best way to sip all morning long. Especially when you know your bestie is doing the same out of a matching mug she bought knowing you would love & appreciate it!

2.    Flip Flops- Sandals tend to mean warm weather & we are sun worshippers! As former lifeguards, it goes without saying we think that summertime is the best time of year. Nothing beats tan lines, water activities with our water babies & fun in the sun! Some of our favorite brands include Reef, Chaco & Birkenstocks to complement a bright color of pink toenail polish.

3.    Quotes- Funny, sarcastic, meaningful or heartfelt...we love them all! Ecards are usually exchanged between us on a daily basis via Pinterest, Instagram or a quick text. It’s amazing what just a few simple words of wisdom, sarcasm or silliness can do to your day.

4.    Lip Gloss-Freak fact: Whit at one time had over 30 lip glosses in all different flavors & shades. Our latest lip loving find is Lipsense which lasts all day & comes in a variety of perfect hues! Makeup is always fun for girls to play around with & we couldn’t agree more! We’ve tried different makeup items from Ipsy & Birchbox which is fun for a change up, but most of the time we stick with what we know when it comes to daily routine & makeup. Like our favorite tube of L’oreal mascara that just can’t be beat.

5.    Shellac Manicures- Admit it, we all love to be pampered. For us working moms, shellac is the go to as it has proven to last much longer than that of regular polish & something about the gel seems to make your nails stronger. Plus, it’s a nice lil’ pick me up during the daily chaos to look down & have cute nails!

  6.    Bacon Cheeseburgers & Coke- “McCoke” is a term we like to use when ordering our favorite beverage at McDonald’s. Nothing like a little caffeine jolt at lunch or a mid afternoon pick me up...especially because all of our kids love McDonald’s & we don’t mind going there to get a drink. Bacon cheeseburgers have always been our go to menu item & BJ’s Burger & Beverage in Lamar is home to our fave burger! We never can deny a BJ’s burger or ranch fries!

Shopping7.    Shopping- Oh my...this is definitely a weakness of ours! We used to spend hours “cataloging” with the JCPenny’s catalog planning & shopping for our adult lives. So many fun shopping trips with our moms for back to school or hunting the perfect prom dress together. Now the online shopping world has made this past time even easier! Today it’s not uncommon to send one another an email or text saying, “This looks like you,” or sending pins via Pinterest with outfits, kids clothes, decor for the home, gifts, you get the idea.

Concerts 8.    Concerts- So much fun to be had road trippin’ with your best friend, singing along to your favorite timeless tunes & laughing at your own silliness. Over the years, we have traveled to many concerts & various venues to see some of our all time favorite musicians. From classic country great Reba McEntire & Keith Urban at Cheyenne Frontier Days, to treating our husbands to their secret man crush Kid Rock in Pueblo’s Bands in the Backyard, many precious memories were made attending concerts.

Womens-Accessories9.    Accessories- Scarves, purses & handbags, jewelry, hats, & more! Over the years our accessory selections have changed from chokers to long tassel necklaces & from backpack purses to a wide variety of handbags for different seasons & occasions.

MessyBun    10.    Comfies- Leggings, soft tees & slippers...OH MY! ACG Confession: when getting home after a long day, we long for ditching the work gear and slipping into something more comfortable. Our husbands have gotten used to the idea that sweats & the messy bun are sexy attire around the house. Being home in your comfies, kickin back with the fam is priceless! And even if your bestie
comes over, she will expect nothing less than you in your comfies...and maybe a lil mascara!

     We think it is safe to say that some things never change, like Whit’s favorite tube of mascara or Chels & her food cravings. Styles & trends may change, but having your bestie for concerts, shopping, laughs, coffee or a meal never goes out of style. Out of all of these material things or simple favorite things, our favorite thing is our friendship. Stay tuned for what the Accidental Country Girls cook up next!

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