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Trick or Treat?!

“Halloween 2016 with my best friend: Just another reason for us to act weird.”-Unknown      “Trick or treat, smell my feet & gimme something good to eat?!” Where did that saying come from anyway? Who says begging for candy door to door dressed en cognito is unacceptable? Do people not typically do this when approaching a stranger’s dwelling? I guess this concept does sound a tad bizarre when you put it that way; however, when saying trick or treating for Halloween makes perfect sense! Halloween has always been one of our favorite holidays no matter what age, and yes we trick or treated well into high school because dressing up is great fun! It’s funny how some of our favorite times of the year we enjoy are now so greatly loved by our kids. We are especially excited that they were able to celebrate Halloween together this year!
Although our kids are all under the age of nine, Halloween is a serious event. Of course candy is awesome, but for our kids they are more concerned with other aspects. Particularly the part where only one costume is to be selected! All year long, costume ideas are brought to the table and then vetoed until that perfect one that catches their young eye is chosen. Once the special outfit is determined, it is imperative to pay attention to details, accessories and get the costume in hand. At the moment some of our kid’s favorite costumes are super heroes and sports themed. Some of these super hero costumes are so beloved, that they have been used back to back years! This makes perfect sense as it is kind of stinky you only get to wear your Halloween costume for one evening. Kind of like spending thousands of dollars on a wedding dress to only wear for a day; except I’m sure it would be frowned upon to wear at a repeat event! Giggles…

     As with every holiday, there are family traditions. Growing up, Chelsea’s family would meet with all the cousins at her grandmother’s house for potluck supper, compare candy loot & admire each other’s costumes. Each year wondering what silly disguise Gram would hopefully greet us at the door with. Whitney’s Halloween came with sloppy joe sandwiches and tots made lovingly by her mother which we decided to keep alive this year! Our kids paraded about town with the school, which is such a cute & fun idea by the way, played together as heroes in their costumes, scarfed their slopper and out to gather candy in the moonlight. Oh my, the treats! We must say our community is so generous as our kids were totally spoiled rotten this Halloween! Some of their favorite treats were the vampire teeth complete with fake blood, special pies from a sweet “ol’ guinea,” candied apples, and not just full sized candy bars but KING SIZED?!! We agreed that trick or treating definitely has its perks in a small town where we can walk the streets with our kiddos, where the majority of people were so giving & made Halloween 2016 so special for our kids! We greatly thank you for that and the year-long sugar rush we are now equipped with...& already visions of what costume to choose next year!