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New Year, New...?

By Whitney Barnett & Chelsea Davis

2017-02-01 21:38:11

Accidental Country Girls

New Year, New…?

“There’s no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one.” ~Unknown

    Here it is the end of January...finally! How are those New Year’s Resolutions holding up? We have all been there before. We find ourselves on the cusp of a new year and start thinking or stating all of the things we will do to better ourselves, our relationships, our families, and so on. Making resolutions is the easy part; however, maintaining and following through with said resolution might not happen so easily. Here are a few resolutions we came up with before we fell asleep at 9:30 p.m. New Year’s Eve...don’t judge...we partied...kinda...our families ate too much & played a couple crazy rounds of BeanBoozled & Pie Face together!

     I will not be so hard on myself. This is easier said than done for any person regardless of parental status! Of course people can be harsh to us behind our backs, but sometimes we beat ourselves up more than any enemy could. BE KIND...that includes YOURSELF! Be kind & stay humble all year long.

     I will expect little sleep & messy rooms & kids who don’t want to change their clothes...or the child who has three or four wardrobe changes a day. Let’s face it laundry is inevitable. Multiple kids under 5...sleep is not guaranteed. You can sleep in 18 short years & it’s overrated anyway. So we’ve heard.

     I will smile & laugh. It is sometimes difficult to be a role model & teach life lessons without some humor. We promised ourselves to use our mommy voices less & embrace that kids are kids. However, we will allow crazy mama to make an appearance every once in a while - just enough that our kids are aware she does exist! (Muhuhaha...see laughter!)

     I will compare and compete less. You know what we’re talking about...the mom who looks like she has all of her *COUGH* together. Guaranteed deep down this model parent is personally struggling somehow or in some way. And if she really does have it all together, let’s get together! We will set up a training for her to teach us her secrets. Chels will bring wine! We are all in this together as parenthood is not a competition.Accidental Country Girls - New Years Resolutions

     Play. Sounds simple, but when you’ve put in a full day at work, fetched groceries, prepared a meal, have a daunting mound of laundry staring at you, and you are already mentally preparing for tomorrow, “playtime” does not seem to be a priority. It is almost bothersome how feelings of guilt overcome us if the dishes are not done & having a spotless kitchen vs playtime with the kids. Chels says, “I have literally told myself,  the dishes can wait because someday they won’t want me to play with them or they will be too occupied for me, or they will no longer think I am cool. Although sadly, this has probably already happened with a particular second grader who shall remain anonymous…”

     Eat Healthy. We consider this to already be somewhat accurate mainly because our families don’t survive on Twinkies. However, remember that we are beef families so burgers (with bacon) are an occasional (weekly) must and our husbands do not necessarily enjoy fruits & vegetables. It is pretty safe to say the children are less picky eaters than our rancher men. This can be overcome with portion control & quit buying junk. Boom! That simple.

     Exercise. HA! Whit is busy growing a human, so there goes her energy. And that totally counts as cardio...especially when taking the stairs or putting on socks! Chels attempts it & often has a four-year-old as her personal trainer/yoga instructor during story time. “I would personally like to thank the Disney Channel commercials for teaching him a few moves, because now a nameless four-year-old is an expert attempting to whip my hiney into shape!”Accidental County Girls - Kids in bed
     I will take time for me. Guiltless time spent alone doesn’t come easy in the mommy world. We constantly are bustling around taking care of everybody & rarely take time to ourselves. If alone time or down time occurs, instantly the thoughts of “what am I forgetting” or “what should I be doing instead of sitting on the couch” quickly ensue. In this new year, enjoy a book or a movie or a bathroom trip alone without guilt! Plan date night with your significant other. Get a sitter & go to dinner without the ankle biters. Better yet, take turns watching each other’s kids so your bestie & her man enjoy a couple hours together. Trust us this will make you a happier parental team & family.

     Patience. Breath. Count to yourself, count aloud to the kid. Whichever works best or comes to mind given the situation. They are little & learning. Teach them patience & keep in mind this too shall pass. 

     I will do my BEST. It will not be perfect, but it will be my BEST. Remember how grateful you are to be a mommy & imagine how you would not be you without those snot-nosed lil’ faces who need you, love you & definitely think you are the best!

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