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Accidental Country Girls: I promise to love you, even through branding season

~I Promise to Love You...Even Through Branding Season~

Holy cow! Where did the spring and summer go?! Between renovating a building, adding onto a home, having a baby, opening a business...then throw in endless T-ball, softball, baseball practices and games...and then, oh yeah, there's ranching too! Speaking of cows, let's talk about the never-ending branding season we have endured among all the other events and activities previously described.
To fully understand the chaos that comes with branding season, let's just paint you a little picture. Our husbands seriously stress and lose sleep in preparation of their brandings to ensure everything runs smoothly. Thankfully, Whit and Chels have each other to commiserate and keep each other calm in the absence of their moody men during branding season. In May, we experienced a 10-day stretch of scorching heat, large calves, sometimes not enough help, and uncooperative cattle. Luckily, we were blessed with some rain giving us all a much-needed reprieve. Once the corrals dried up, we saddled our horses back up, loaded the kids and tail gate lunch up, and began gathering, roping and flanking again.
One might be asking themselves why it takes so long to brand one rancher’s cattle? Any good ranching man knows that you repay the favor once your branding is complete and help those who have helped you. Not only are we thankful for our fellow ranch buddies, but also very blessed by hard-working high school and junior high kiddos who have lent a hand. Our herd of young children are taking notes and eagerly jumping in themselves learning the ropes. We are seriously going to have some of the best little branders and a fierce flanking crew in a few short years.

Whit says by no means is she taking any credit as ranch wife of the year for the 2017 branding season, as she was busy calving herself! Thankfully, us ranch wives stick together as Chels has no problems wrangling the Barnett branding crew and loading them up with her own for a working cattle day.
Now that it is mid-July and back to school is on the horizon, we are attempting to find time to get together to have a little play and not just all work. The kids are now enjoying pool days, quick family getaways, and afternoon movie dates. With the hectic spring and summer winding down, these Accidental Country Girls are ready for a steady routine and are gearing up for some entertaining articles and tidbits in the upcoming Indy editions!
Whitney Barnett and Chelsea Davis

Rare quiet Mommy moment…
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