Accidental Country Girls - December 20, 2017

By Chelsea Davis and Whitney Barnett

December 20, 2017

‘Tis the season to be crazy!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Where do we begin to describe the insanity that is supposed to be the “most wonderful time of the year”?! The month of December is a blur in our households, but we are going to do our best to give you a little glimpse of all the craziness that occurs!
Deck the Halls! Once the Thanksgiving feast is cleaned up, let the games begin! The trees, wreaths & nativity scenes seem to go up earlier & earlier each year. Christmas tunes are played over speakers before trick or treaters even make their debut. But In our houses, Christmas may commence after turkey day.
Have a Holly Jolly Christmas! It seems as if the elementary Christmas program kicks off the first of many things we have to ‘check’ off our lists. We have been listening to our kids rehearse songs (on repeat) for weeks and everyone is eager to get all dressed up and show mom and dad what they’ve got! This event also makes it sink in that the holidays are upon us & that we better get in gear!
Run, run Rudolph! This year we managed to find a day to sneak in some shopping post Black Friday chaos as neither of us are thrilled waiting in lines or want to encounter hostile shoppers. Cyber Monday deals are where we typically do the bulk of our holiday shopping, but accomplishing that task uninterrupted is dang near impossible with the regular work day career, kids, etc. Luckily, we found a day to hit a couple stores in person to check into online finds & snag some stocking stuffers, which was always been our favorite childhood part! Of course the best part of the day was enjoying some friend time, fine dining & maybe a glass (or two) to help us get into the Christmas spirit! However, we still might find ourselves at the Kiowa Health Mart last minute or doing a lil’ Amazon Prime at all hours of the night.
Santa Claus is Coming to Town! The reindeer dash is on to locate Santa! Thankfully, we have the holiday hook up when it comes to Santa sightings. The kids all eagerly jump on Santa’s lap to tell him what they would like to find under the tree this year. Cue us mamas leaning in to ensure our shopping excursions and requests to Santa match up or don’t conflict. This is stressful as the younger children seem to change their mind at least fourteen times from the end of November to Santa’s lap.
Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree! Where does one find time to then wrap the bountiful shopping harvest? Hiding places in our homes is difficult with investigative elves snooping around assuming that mom is up to something when the UPS man brings a few more packages than usual. We decided to dedicate an evening at Chels’ shop in order to calmly & privately wrap gifts without little ones darting in.
Away in a Manger....our favorite event of the season is the beautiful Christmas candlelight service. We both have attended this event at our hometown church for decades & years we are unable to attend is devastating. Of course the scramble to get chores done, everyone bathed & dressed in their Sunday best for church is a little stressful, but totally worth it when you see friends of new & old gathered for the reason for the season by candlelight & singing beautiful Christmas songs & hymns.
Joy to the World! Christ was born & the children amazingly are awake before daybreak without repeatedly hollering at them to do so. Oh how angelic those little faces look in the wee hours of the morning when parental units find themselves suffering from insomnia...ha ha!
I’ll Be Home for Christmas! (Kinda) Now where to put all of the loot? Well, maybe we should say we will organize in a week or so after as we both have a marathon of Christmas gatherings to attend. We discovered that between the two of our families, we have 8 Christmas get togethers, dinners, etc to prepare & attend. While running to & fro to all the of the family get togethers, cooking & baking goodies, or even hosting Christmas at our own home, Christmas Day can be quite the rat race. It sounds like a lot or maybe as if we are complaining, but we truly love this season. We are both so blessed to have such a large circle of family close by & each other to rely on as always. Believe me this time of year is not easy being a ranch wife in addition to our already mom duties. We are excited to ring in the new year together with our herd of children & celebrate our own “Best Friendmas” while ringing in the new year with lots of food, silly games & laughter.
We would like to wish all of our Accidental Country Girl followers a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. And remember if all else fails Fa la la la la la la la WINE!


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