Accidental Country Girls January 3, 2017

By Chelsea Davis and Whitney Barnett

2018-01-03 08:52:02

New Year’s

• Make time! Enough with the excuses. We seriously have TONS going on during a regular day, but it will never get done if we don’t make time.
• Work out regularly! Chasing kids and the occasional here and there isn’t cutting it. Need a set routine!
• Eat healthier or maybe just less. Portion control has to happen! No more being the kid’s garbage disposal. Eat only what’s on MY plate.
• Have more patience.
• Get more food organized---Meal plan, & freezer meals on hand. This will also help with eating out less. When we eat out, that seems to translate to cheat meal.
• Read more than just Facebook, Children’s books, Instagram or Pinterest
• Drink more water! Drink less Coke! Neither of us are multiple pop a day drinkers; however, we are both guilty of greatly enjoying an ice cold Coca-Cola here & there. It seems like this time of year, that once a week splurge beverage becomes a little more frequent.
• Floss! Don’t judge...we are all guilty of this.
• Save more $. Maybe every day that you don’t do some kind of aerobic activity or exercise or if you buy yourself a Coke, throw a dollar in a jar. Hopefully those dollars don’t add up too quickly, but it will also show that you need to get moving!
• Dance! Crank up the tunes while cleaning or just let loose with those mom moves while cooking supper!
• Volunteer! Small towns are great places for volunteers. Sounds easy enough, but again make time for the theater, Bash booth, read at Preschool, church, etc.
• Take a trip with hubby...quit just talking about it. Make it happen!
• Go to bed earlier. Turn the night time TV off!
• Keep a food journal. Sounds silly, but seriously helps with the whole weight loss/accountability thing too! Add in there when & what you did for exercise also!
• Take more pictures with my actual camera! I love photos & never drag out my real camera as I always rely on my cell phone. With that, I need to have those photos printed and put in a photo album!!
• Purge!!! Throw crap away and clean out drawers, cabinets, closets, etc… Donate it when the yard sale falls through!
• Simplify—-stop buying all the ‘extra’ unnecessary things… (one of the reasons a ‘clean out’ needs happen).
• Tackle the laundry! Organizing your laundry will help! Assign certain items in each laundry basket. When that basket is nearing full, dump it in the wash and it is ready to go! Get the family on board to help with this organization and it will make your life way easier! Plus, the kids will think that they are really helping sort laundry… plus, you’re teaching them a necessary skill they will need oh too soon when they leave the nest...cue the ugly Mom cry.
• Go on walks & bike rides. Grab the kids & go! Blaze new trails or make this an evening routine to clear your head.
• Daily prayer time. Use that devotional you got for Christmas & dedicate 15-30 minutes before bed.
• Unplug!! Schedule one day a week (at least) to stay off-line and social media. Unfollow negativity. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Whatever you need to do personally in your life or whatever “resolution” you need to set, make them attainable! Set goals for yourself & your family. Create goals with your kids and also have them help you achieve them. Those little boogers are brutally honest and will tattle on you when you’re not doing what you said you would! Have a very safe and very happy and successful NEW YEAR! Cheers to 2018!


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