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Accidental Country Girls - New Years Check In

Now that January is half over & many have already ditched their New Year’s resolutions, we wanted to check in on how you’re holding up! We hope you are kicking bad habits to the curb & enjoying your fresh start!

We have been getting organized & kicking the clutter! Some of the kids were a lil weepy at the thought of parting with a few toys unearthed from the bottom of the toy box, but concluded it is best they probably go on to some younger kiddos out there.

Exercising has definitely increased & is going well! The gym is a great getaway & stress suppressant. But if you have a day when the gym is not an option due to parental obligations, follow Whit’s lead & download a quick workout app that can be done anywhere and anytime!

Are you eating more healthily & appropriate portions? We said that the role of garbage disposal is NOT for mommy! The Davis house has resorted to using smaller plates so portions are a little more realistic & we have found that we are not as stuffed post meal, yet satisfied. Food organization is also a HUGE goal for our new year! A Sunday spent together planning meals & even prepping a few freezer meals is a fun friend activity.

Relax & take a lil time for yourself! We have always enjoyed a good pampering session & have made Sunday evening our time to do so. A simple exfoliation & charcoal mask followed by intense moisture is a great way to kick off the dreaded Monday work week. When possible we like to get together and share our latest favorites, like last weekend when the guys took the kids on a movie night! Maybe add a soak in the bathtub with a bath bomb & a hair mask to complete your at-home-spa session! Of course we had to reward ourselves since we have been so committed to eating better & exercising regularly...mini spa & Coke in hand!

Overall, we feel like 2018 is going pretty well & hope you are feeling successful too! Tune in next time for our fave winter weeknight meals. Until then, stay warm & keep up the progress of your goals!