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By Eboni Nash

August 3, 2016
Throughout the past four decades, tattoos have changed from being a sinful scar to a decorative piece of art. Although the older generation still feels as if ‘inking’ is a waste of money, other people find it enjoyable. For myself, I have found comfort and reassurance in tattoos. I’ve always had a passion in drawing, painting, or even sculpting objects into my own emotions. This type of therapy was more than an output of negative energy, but it was the best way to portray exactly ‘who I am’. As I got older, art was doing very little for me. I would draw or paint a picture to channel how I was feeling, but I always ended up ripping it up. It wasn’t until I was 16, that the crave for art grew in a completely different way.
    After my first tattoo, I realized how much it eased the pain of losing somebody close. Every time I see it in the mirror, I think of my father. A tattoo may be a permanent mark on my body, but it is also a permanent reminder of the love I had for that person. Aside from the reminder, tattoos portray the person in a unique art form. Each tattoo was desired by the person, and eventually committed to be part of their life. Even the simplest form of tattoos, have the most significance on one’s lives. It appears to be a constant remark that tattoos always prevent people from receiving a particular job. In some cases, I can understand. However, in others, I feel as if it is a bias that shouldn’t exist. Just because you don’t agree on somebody’s decision to get a tattoo, doesn't make that person worth less. If a surgeon received high honors during his PhD, would you deny his services due to his tattoos? By judging the appearance of others, you are settling for less. Last time I checked, ink didn’t prevent a human from performing skilled tasks.
I have heard all of the remarks: ‘tattoos are against the bible’, ‘you can’t put a bumper sticker on a ferrari’, or even ‘God made you perfect the way you are’. These are all used too often, and I could respect the person who uses them. As for me, I will continue in decorating my body. If I truly thought tattoos were damaging my reputation, I wouldn’t spend the time and effort on them. They are a part of me and they reflect my own passions and dreams. Live your life to the fullest potential; go above and beyond, but always remember, to be true to you.

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