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By Eboni Nash

2017-06-08 16:21:56

As I sit here typing my article for the week, I can’t help but notice my lack of focus. I begin to type an idea, and end up deleting it halfway through. Instead of fighting this constant battle, I have decided to type about what is truly on my mind, not willingly. Just as most young adults experience at this age, I am getting my wisdom teeth! What a lovely road this is. When I was in high school, my top wisdom teeth snuggled their way into my mouth and have been living there comfortably. There were no aches nor pains; instead, they were humble and quiet. On the other hand, the second experience is not the same. So here is to you, the annoying, unwelcome, and intrusive guest in my mouth.

Dear Wisdom Teeth,
It was a little over two weeks ago I noticed your interest in my mouth. I can’t say I blame you. The way my teeth are perfectly leveled and polished, fit snug into the shiny glimmer of my gums. The pink, slick surface is so inviting, how could you resist? Unfortunately, I do not remember there being an open space for purchase or even rent. Instead, you both nudged your way into the small space in the back of my mouth. It started with a small collection of your things, the tips of your teeth piercing through my gums. Swollen and throbbing, you assaulted the last cover of gums I had left. Finally breaking through, you left the remains of my gums to be caught in the waves of other beverages.

Two weeks in, you are still there. You have managed to anger the rest of your neighbors to the point where I have received endless complaints. Your presence has made it hard for me to continue my daily chores of nourishing my body. With neither side being happy to assist in this task, I am left with no other option than to push through the pain and finish my food. You have pushed and shoved to get your way, and yet, you are still not finished. When I attempt to brush the grime collected throughout the day, you flood the neighborhood in attempt to stop me. You have lived rent-free for weeks and I am tired of you. Consider this your eviction notice.  Your days are numbered. As you get comfy and cozy, I am plotting your removal. We live in a democracy so this decision is now out of my hands. With being your landlord, I have taken the complaints of your neighbors and came to the conclusion that this is the best option for all of us. There was no room in the beginning and I have no authority to make more room for you to continue to reside here. Please do not take it personally. Although I understand your fascination with being the last four teeth in my life, but that is what you are, the last four. You my friends are the ones who showed up late. Like anything else in life, you have missed the deadline. I wish I could promise you a positive life after this removal, but I can’t. I am too old for Tooth Fairy exchanges as you are too heavy for her to carry. So here is to you, the large pain in the rear of my mouth. It was not fun, and I wish to not do this again,

 Your unfortunate landlord.
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