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By Eboni Nash

August 9, 2016
It is hard to find people who are truly happy. They may seem happy with that fake smile creased onto their face; or their not-so-convincing-positive words coming out their mouths. But the thing that counts is what happens when you are alone, or when it’s late at night that reflects the status of your life. I am sure there are some that have taken a moment and shed a tear; and others who contemplated not going any further. Everybody goes through those times, even myself. It is how you deal with them, that sets the recovery rate.
    What I have found to be the best way to revive my soul is to acknowledge what I have done right and what I have done wrong. I like to call these things confessions. The heaviest weight found on the shoulders of the living, is the past that can’t seem to say goodbye. Your past life, though might be full of fun and laughter, has haunting factors too. It slides guilt into your heart and worries of a repetitive future. You hate looking at your past, but the past sure loves looking at you. It begins to talk to you. It begins to taunts you, reminding you of your faults and failures, dragging you back into the hole you just climbed out of. You start to feel as if you are the only one fighting this battle. The overwhelming tide wave that keeps creeping back into your life.
    By confessing what you did wrong, you take the fault and can finally start to heal. By denying everything, you are placing yourself on a pedestal that only you can see and only you can reach. Slowly, this will form the narcissist side of you into a paranoid, self-centered, and negative person. Why build yourself so high over others? We are all humans thus we all make mistakes. Take the benefit of the doubt, and confess what is heavy on your heart. A simple self-evaluation, and a moment to yourself, can turn your day into something new. Instead of speaking meaningless words into the lives of others, believe in yourself and shine the light that was given to you. With both hands on the wheel, take control of your own life, and leave your past in the rearview mirror.

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