By Eboni Nash

2017-10-18 11:29:12

It has been three weeks since the horrible shooting in Las Vegas. At the moment of the shooting, I was at a loss for words. Waking up to such a slap in the face, I couldn’t begin to imagine what it might have been like. Later, learning I had several friends involved, my emotions began to jumble. I was angry, upset, worried, sad, and threatened. I couldn’t believe that our beautiful country was going through such an episode of terror. From hurricanes and fires to shootings and earthquakes. Back on our heels, we were unprepared and too devastated to ask ourselves why. Now that we have time to breathe and mourn for those affected, we have the opportunity to questions things a bit more.

The first label media had put on the Las Vegas shooting was, ‘deadliest shooting in history’. Although this is accurate in current history, it is completely false when we consider history in its entirety. This shooting, how horrendous it was, is not the deadliest shooting in history. The purpose for such a title was to cause mass fear and outrage, in my opinion. Media is known for stirring up moral panic and creating a target for people to blame. In this occasion, we were brought up with the question of gun control. It is obvious that our nation has had quite a few instances involving guns. On the other hand, we are all familiar with the statement that ‘guns don’t kill people, people do.’

It is hard to witness such a terrible act, such as Las Vegas, and say guns are still okay. To look at the families and victims of the shooting and try to justify the use of guns is something we cannot do. However, we also cannot try and heal and comfort people by saying that guns are the reason and leave it at that. For a crime to be committed using a gun, there must be levels leading up to the act. There is no instance where a person sees a gun and decides to commit a crime. There is background, motive, and, in some cases, biological determination as to why a gun can be used to kill another. In this argument, I am in favor for more gun regulation but against complete gun control.

If we were to put complete restrictions on guns and who can obtain them, we are violating several rights given to us as Americans. These rights were made to allow ourselves protection and a voice. Without guns, we are left to rely more heavily on government officials and the military. Not saying this is a bad choice, but I, for one, will not put my life on the line waiting for a response for help from somebody else. Even if we were to get rid of guns, the people who pursue committing crimes will obtain guns either way. There is nothing we can do that can keep guns out of the hands of criminals. There are more regulations that can make the possibility less, but there is no 100 percent way to keep them out of criminals’ hands.

In such a dark time for America, the best thing we can do as a nation is to stick together. We must recognize there is a degree of evil that we cannot control. When horrors happen, we must band together and help in any way we can. Hold each other tight and remember that there still is good in this world. Be the good that people see. With less focus on the bad, it will be less of a normality for our world.


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