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INDY PICKS: Harris Pumpkin Patch

By Raina Lucero

October 6, 2021

This harvest season is upon us and with that brings the opening of the local Harris Pumpkin Patch.  Located east of Highway 385 in Sheridan Lake, Colorado, this is the Harris families’ 4th season in operation. 

Kim and Rick Harris with the help of their family and close friends’ plant and operate the Harris Pumpkin patch each year.  They plant a pumpkin patch that is about 175’ long and 70’ wide, yielding enough pumpkins to serve hundreds of families who come from all over the region.

 Each fall seeing cute and colorful pictures of families from our communities taking their kiddos to “the cities” to get pumpkins is what called Kim Harris to convince her daughters and her husband to plant the patch.  She asked herself, “Is this a Field of Dreams dream or, if we build it, will they really come?”

So, after the convincing had worked, the Harris Pumpkin Patch was established in the Fall of 2018.  “Our motto has always been “Its all for the kids, and each year we see that it is more than a pumpkin patch. We have seen families come together here; high school classmates reunite.”

One of the best parts of the Harris Family Pumpkin Patch for the Harris’ is the KIDS, of course.  The other thing is that this is a family affair for their whole family.  From pitching in planting seeds in May, to the care given in picking each pumpkin off the vine in September.

“All hands are in it, and we are so thankful for each one- Benny, Cassie, Miles and Monroe Frey, Adam, Shelby, Abel and Archie (our newest pumpkin in the patch) Watts, and Rick’s brother Tim who helps pick the pumpkins too.  FAMILY IS EVERYTHING.”

On average there are 150-200 people who have come to the patch each week and they give out about 400 goodie bags to the kids each year.

The Harris Family Pumpkin Patch offers free hayrides, free hot dogs and free water bottles.  This year they are introducing the Harris Pumpkin Patch Gift Shop, which will feature festive fall towels and décor as well as scented candles. 

As with anything in this area there are always obstacles to overcome.  The pumpkin patch has endured harsh high winds this year, but in the past years hail and bugs.  But Kim says, “THAT WON’T STOP US!”.

To ensure the safety of all the guests they have a notebook for people to sign and date in case this is needed for future reference.  Since Covid, they also offer big containers of hand sanitizer. 

The Harris’ have plans for future growth, as they would like to expand the pumpkin patch coverage area to the south for next year.  “This will all allow even more varieties of pumpkins in shapes and colors.” They would also like to add a wind break all around the patch and add a shaded cloth-top to help the pumpkins to thrive.

This year, like all years the Harris’ are exited to see the children out with their families.  “That is what gives us the most joy,” Kim goes on to say, “We so appreciate where we live and love to share with others in our communities.”

Each year Rick works very hard, “and without complaint,” Kim adds.  Rick enjoys tilling the land and picking out the best seeds for the nicest and prettiest and even the wartiest pumpkins that he thinks the kids and adults would like to have. He weeds the patch and tends to it daily from May to September with his trusty sidekick and best friend, Zero, the Labrador.

Do not miss your opportunity to go and support the Harris Pumpkin Patch  each Sunday through October while supplies last. The prices vary with the different sizes of pumpkins anywhere from $2.50 to $20.00.  Please reference the map if you have not been to the patch before as the GPS may send you to the cemetery.