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Indy Picks: CAF Media

By Raina Lucero

October 19, 2022

Cory Alan Forgue graduated from Southern Illinois University in 1990 where he earned a bachelor’s degree in TV and radio broadcasting with an emphasis in public relations. Cory has been in radio and TV for 38 years, since he began working as a DJ in suburban southwest Chicago in 1985.

Over the years he has worked at numerous radio stations around southeast Colorado, including most recently KVAY and KLMR in Lamar, CO. While he enjoys broadcasting news, he is most known for his enthusiasm and knowledge of sports in his live play-by-play.

Cory is married to April Forge, a southeastern Colorado native. She is the music teacher at McClave Schools and has successfully run a coffee shop in downtown Lamar, CO for 5 years. Together Cory and April are building CAF Media to bring high-quality media and integrity that you can count on. They are honored to be representing southeastern Colorado as your media source. They have designed this free media source to be used on a computer, cell phone, or Alexa device.

Cory tells the Independent that, “April is the business side of the company, handling sales, and all business matters, she also handles the camera and production of the video streams.”

Their daughter, Cassie Forgue, runs the social media side of things, and their son Conner Forgue is the camera man as well as technical producer, plus does voice overs for the advertising. But it is Cory who is the voice of CAF Media and handles the podcasts of news and sports, as well as the play-by-play for the video live streams.

Cory indicated, “April and Conner are new to the business, but know the biz, thanks to following my broadcasting career.”

CAF Media officially began business August 8, 2022 and had been in the planning stages since the Spring of 2022 prior to Cory’s departure from KVAY and KLMR radio stations on August 5, 2022.

When asked to describe what CAF Media is all about Cory tells us, “We are a media website, with video live streaming of sports and other events. It’s a new way to get info and media services right now, and then have the ability to go back and rewatch or re-listen. It’s an alternative to radio. Our media site provides southeast Colorado news and sports twice a day. One podcast is done in the morning, the other in the afternoon, and deals with southeast Colorado news and sports. We also do obituaries and have award-winning ag broadcaster Lorrie Boyer doing our ag news three times per week, also Michael Beard does an Edward Jones financial update every week.”

CAF Media’s immediate plans are to determine their schedule by trying to spread out the games and matches across southeast Colorado from La Junta to the east for sports play-by-play coverage.

“I will hire only versed professionals to do play-by-play, giving our community solid professional broadcasting. Having worked in the market for years, a need was known, and we hope to capture that need for our community. We will broadcast all sports in each season, that can be broadcasted including football, softball., volleyball, boys’ soccer, basketball, wrestling, baseball, and girls’ soccer. We are willing to try other sports as well, if it can be done. LCC athletics is also included, and that means volleyball, basketball, baseball and softball.... Maybe even a coaches show in the future.”

Cory says that the best part of the business is he freedom they have in making their own decisions, and deciding where and what they will do for the audience. Technical issues are the greatest concern presenting the most difficulty, but they are learning fast and furious after two months in the field.

“Our views have increased by thousands every month, we were on in July, experimenting, and have gone from two thousand to start, to over 13-thousand views by the first week of October. That is total numbers, and it increases every day.”

Valley Sports Talk has also returned to the area via CAF Media. “Valley Sports Talk has been a homogenous shot in the arm for our website and business, it is run live from Daylight Donuts in Downtown Lamar Saturdays from 8 to 10:30 am.”

Cory thanks the sponsors for giving CAF Media the chance to help them with their unique format. He also indicates that sponsors are growing weekly which helps get new equipment and more categories coming to the website.

CAF Media hopes to introduce a local big name weather name to their platform as well as a daily newsmaker of the day interviews and attending more county fairs in the region next year.

“Our market is all of southeast Colorado and anyone connected to southeast Coloradoans, we are a website on the internet, and have no subscription fees, and our sponsors help us pay for our company and expenses. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All the live streams are saved and archived, for our viewers’ pleasure.”

You can find CAF Media online at, you can then choose what you want to watch or listen to by using the menu. Also follow CAF Media at CAF Media on Email CAF Media at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any comments, sponsorship interests, and just a way to get in touch with April and Cory.

“It’s a dream come true to have our own business and being able to run our own show. It’s great to have freedom and relax at home with this venture. Bigger plans are in the future, as we continue to grow, and thank our community for their help in growing our company.”

The Independent is working with CAF Media providing their weekly livestream schedule on our Sports Scoreboard page sponsored weekly by GN-Bank in Eads. Check out their ad at the bottom of the page to know what events are on the slate.