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Indy Picks: Detailed Solutions

By Administrator

October 26, 2022

On a sunny Saturday afternoon Paul Lucero spent a few hours detailing their family vehicle, just as he does every few weeks. Because Paul and his wife Raina have a blended family which includes 6 kids, mess is inevitable and if not cleaned every few weeks the back half of the vehicle may look more like a science experiment than seating. When Paul was finished, Raina came out to have a look at the job he had done, she told him, “Gosh I feel like I need to pay you because you do such good work.”

That comment lead to a conversation that would spark ambition and determination for the couple to set out to create a small business which would help earn extra money and allow them to work together. Already having most of the equipment needed to have an automotive detailing business the couple decided to stop pipe dreaming and test the waters to see if there was a market in the area for car detailing services.

Raina made a flier to hang around town and put up a Facebook post listing the service as well as the prices. Within hours Detailed Solutions went from a pipe dream to a reality as their schedule for the next few weeks became full. Locals around the community began filling their inboxes with requests for service and at that time Paul and Raina knew they were on to something.

Working mostly on Saturdays and Sundays Paul and Raina offer an array of vehicle detailing options. In an interview with the Independent Paul says, “A basic detail includes just the normal vacuuming, wipe down, sanitation, and interior windows, we consider this a deeper clean than some may do themselves but it is not too extensive. A full detail will get you everything you get with the basic but we also shampoo your floor boards and seats. We will wipe down the headliner, and clean all windows inside and out. If you have leather seats, we will do a full clean and condition of the leather. We also offer an exterior clean that will include a trip to the local Pine Tree Car Wash, a hand dry, shine the tires and rims, and ensure that the windows are crystal clear. We have chosen to utilize the Pine Tree Carwash instead of purchasing the equipment for exterior washing because we feel it is important to help build up the small businesses that are already here.”

Currently, Detailed Solutions offers auto detailing out of their home garage in Eads. In the future Paul says, “Right now we are just so shocked and happy that business has taken off the way that it has. We have really been busy. In the near future we hope to add to our tools and upgrade others to help us work more efficiently. We also hope to gain more customers and add some business accounts for company vehicles.”

Paul and Raina work side by side on all the detailing jobs, the thing that excites them the most is that they are able to continue to work their normal Monday through Friday jobs and set their own weekend schedule so that they can still have family time and stay engaged in their activities. Raina says, “Something else that excites us is that we are offering a service to the community that will hopefully encourage people to stay local and shop local. For example, if someone who normally drives to another town to get their vehicle detailed, they may spend the time waiting at Walmart, but if they were to allow us to detail for them maybe they will forego that trip all together and shop locally at places like Crow’s or the Kiowa Pharmacy for items they would have otherwise gotten out of town.”

You can contact Detailed Solutions by call or text message at 719-691-8276 or find them on Facebook at

“We are very thankful to those who have supported us this far, even if you have not been a customer but have through word-of-mouth helped us get leads. It really is heartwarming to know that our community is so supportive of even just the smallest business ventures. We hope to gain many more clients as we begin to offer more services such as maintenance detailing for those who want to keep a regular detail schedule of 4 to 8 weeks and will receive a special price.”