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Remington Brandt and Cory Miller are the owners of the new company in Eads named Ranahan Electric, LLC.

Ranahan Electric, LLC Opens for Business: Features Homegrown Ownership

By Betsy Barnett

June 28, 2023

Remington Brandt and Cory Miller, two young men who grew up in Eads during the same time frame, have now returned to their hometown, coming together to form the first professional electrician company in Eads for at least many decades.

Ranahan Electric, LLC is now open for business in Eads and will service the public in a large geographic radius of their hometown.

The company’s name is intriguing and when you first hear the name being said aloud it sounds like, “Rent-a-Hand” which is appropriate for many of the services the two owners can perform. But Brandt says, “The word RANAHAN (Ran – ah – han) is derived from an old term that means, ‘Most respected ranch hand’ or ‘Top one on a Ranch.’ “We wanted to reference the background of our community, be associated with excellence among others, and we think it is a name that can be recalled when people need our services.”

Remington Brandt was involved in sports and many clubs during his years at Eads High School having graduated in 2011. Miller graduated from Eads High School two years later in 2013. Both grew up in the community remembering a childhood of fun summers in baseball, at the swimming pool, in the library reading programs, and many hours at the lakes. They were teammates in baseball, beginning in tee-ball, and then were teammates in other sports as they grew up and became successful high school athletes.

After graduation the two friends went their separate ways focusing on building careers. Brandt was focused pretty much right away on someday becoming a Master Electrician and spent 4 years in an IEC School learning the trade. He then worked in the trades and did a little of everything, working mainly in the industrial sector, schools and commercial buildings, the Chemical Depot in Pueblo and finally as an Estimator for large jobs. He just recently became a Master Electrician, and it will be his license the new company will utilize.

Remington is married to Camie, a trained dental hygienist, and they have two children Isabelle, 4 and Pierce who is almost two. They recently moved back to Eads, bought a house, and have been busy settling in and getting the business off the ground.

Miller went a different direction after high school, as he had always been interested in the wildlife field of study. However, at the time there was little opportunity in that field. Miller then worked for a few years over on the east end of the county, mostly ranching, and some farming and learned a lot about those industries. He finally found his niche in Grand Junction when he landed a job working at a job site where they were building a new school. Through that experience, he learned all the major elements of installing complex electrical systems. He attended Western State University and worked at an airport remodel job at the same time. Miller has earned his journeyman’s license through 4 years with IEC, as well.

Cory, who is not married, recently moved to Eads as well and has been busy getting his house in order as he and Remington prepare to launch Ranahan Electric, LLC.

Brandt and Miller have already been very busy in the area as for the past 9 months they have worked under A-VAR Electrical out of Pueblo, wiring every new structure, 84 in total, of the workforce houses that have been built because of the efforts of SECED as well as the local governments of Onley Springs, Eads, Wiley, La Junta, Las Animas, Granada, Springfield, Walsh, and Lamar.

Brandt agrees that good housing is very difficult to find in southeastern Colorado. He is hearing that there will be another phase of housing going in and hopes to be able to assist in an area where very few electricians are working.

Brandt may be right as statistics are favorable for young and enterprising people who are willing to work hard in this part of the country. The average age of a licensed electrician, in the United States, is 57 years. But out in southeastern Colorado, the average is now 62 years of age, which indicates there will be much generational turnover and opportunity for a company like theirs into the future.

In addition, the electrical field is growing in southeastern Colorado with the oil & gas industry, and now the expected renewable energy boom that will occur beginning in 2024. New housing developments should eventually follow.

Finally, there is going to be a real need for upgrades in the aging infrastructure that exists in southeastern Colorado. Brandt says, “The average service 20 years ago was for 20 amps—now it’s 200 amps.”

Ranahan Electric, LLC is focused on new construction and agricultural jobs—two areas in which both Brandt and Miller have extensive background knowledge. Of course, they will assist their customers with the small jobs, too, and hope people will think of them first when they need an electrician.

Their energy is exciting and as they develop their business, they already have ideas on expanding into the future. For instance, they want to hire workers interested in their field and pay them a good, living wage. They also want to work directly with the local FFA chapters giving the kids information on what is available out in their field.

Miller says, “Everything is getting more technical, and we can help train new workers on new technology coming out such as the field of fiberoptics and the renewable energy needs in the area.”

Ranahan Electric, LLC is the first electrical company Eads has had for many years. Both Brandt and Miller realize how special their childhoods were growing up in Eads and they want to give back to the community and region. A business like this understands they need to buy as many materials as they can locally, sponsor sports teams and events, and become an integral part of a great little community with the possibilities for an outstanding future.

The Independent picks Ranahan Electric, LLC as a new business well worth calling. Their number is 719-688-9889—put it in your phone.

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