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The home of Sunset Suds.
Mari Mitchek

Indy Picks: Sunset Trailer Court and Sunset Suds: A New Haven for Travelers and Locals Alike

By Raina Lucero

November 15, 2023

Cheyenne Wells welcomes a new addition to its landscape with the opening of Sunset Trailer Court and Sunset Suds, a venture by SKLM LLC, including the dynamic trio of Laine Mitchek, Mari Mitchek, and Jason Hall. Nestled at 1330 S 2nd Street North, this business promises not just a place to park your RV or do your laundry, but a community hub designed for convenience and comfort.

In a recent interview with Mari Mitchek, one of the business owners, she shared the genesis of the idea, saying, “The idea came when we bought Sunset Trailer Court, and we had so many people asking what our plans were for the property.” The concept took shape during a friendly BBQ gathering around a fire, highlighting the informal yet community-driven roots of this establishment.

Sunset Suds, the on-site laundromat, is more than just a place to wash and dry clothes. Located on the northeast part of the trailer/campground, the building stands out as a beautiful structure with a handicap-accessible entrance. Equipped with top-load washers, a large washer, dryers, vending machines for beverages and laundry essentials, a folding table, laundry carts, and a change maker, Sunset Suds provides a complete laundry solution. For those waiting on their clothes, there’s even a picnic table outdoors to enjoy the fresh air.

The neighboring Sunset Trailer Court offers 34 camp spots, each equipped with full hookups (electric, sewer, water, and soon-to-be-added free wifi). Additionally, there are 10 mobile home spots available. If you’re not traveling with your own RV, the business owners have thought of that too, with three campers available for rent on-site.

Mari Mitchek expressed excitement about providing these services. “We look forward to continuing to improve the property for the people of the community and the RV community,” she stated. “It’s not just about offering a place to park; it’s about creating an experience for the visitors and a valuable service for the community.”

For those interested in booking a spot, the process is made easy with online booking available at

Sunset Trailer Court and Sunset Suds are more than just a business; they are a testament to community spirit and a welcoming space for travelers passing through Cheyenne Wells. With its comprehensive services and commitment to improvement, this establishment is set to become a staple for both locals and those on the road.

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