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Indy Picks: Wild Horse Welding: Bringing Precision and Convenience to Colorado’s Agriculture and Oil Fields

By Raina Lucero

May 24, 2024

In the vast expanses of Southeastern Colorado, where agriculture and oil fields dominate the landscape, the need for reliable and immediate welding services is crucial. Enter Wild Horse Welding (WHW), a new mobile welding business founded by Trevor Randel. With a commitment to saving time and reducing costs for farmers, ranchers, and oil field workers, Wild Horse Welding is set to become a vital player in the region’s industrial maintenance and repair sector.

Trevor Randel, the visionary behind WHW, has deep roots in the Eads, Colorado community. Growing up on the Randel Farm and learning the trade from his grandfather, Jim Randel, Trevor’s passion for welding began at a young age. This early exposure laid the foundation for a career characterized by both technical skill and a strong work ethic.

Trevor’s journey took him from being a standout athlete and state champion wrestler at Eads High School to earning multiple welding certifications at Northwest Kansas Technical College. His expertise spans various welding techniques, including MIG (wire feed welding), stick welding (arc welding with a rod), and aluminum welding. These skills, honed further during his four-year service as a diesel mechanic in the Marine Corps, equipped Trevor with the knowledge and experience needed to excel in his field.

Wild Horse Welding distinguishes itself with a unique business model that prioritizes mobility. Recognizing that time is money, especially in agriculture and oil operations, Trevor brings his welding services directly to his clients. This approach eliminates the need for farmers and ranchers to transport heavy equipment for repairs, thus saving on fuel costs and minimizing downtime.

“By taking the welding stick to them, wherever they may be, I can help them keep their operations running smoothly while they focus on other essential tasks,” says Trevor. His mobile setup is equipped to handle a variety of jobs, from fixing stock trailers and plows to repairing hitches and corals. For larger projects, Trevor’s home base at the Randel Farm’s Quonset allows for more intensive welding work and the building of new implements.

One of the significant advantages of Wild Horse Welding is its cost-effectiveness. Despite the ability of many farmers and ranchers to perform basic welding, Trevor’s competitive pricing makes it more economical for them to hire his services. This enables them to concentrate on other critical aspects of their operations without the added stress and time commitment of DIY repairs.

Wild Horse Welding services a wide geographic area from its base in Wild Horse, with no mileage charge within a 25-mile radius. For jobs beyond this range, a modest fee of $1 per mile is added to the service cost, ensuring transparency and affordability for clients across the region.

While Trevor is currently focused on serving the agricultural and oil field sectors, he has his sights set on expanding his expertise. He aims to become certified for oil field work and is considering opportunities in renewable energy equipment repair, positioning Wild Horse Welding at the forefront of evolving industry needs.

Trevor’s dedication to his craft is evident in his personal commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. His hands-on experience, from childhood welding on the family farm to maintaining heavy construction equipment in the Marines, underscores his reliability and proficiency.

Wild Horse Welding not only reflects Trevor Randel’s technical insights but also his deep understanding of the local community’s needs. As he embarks on this entrepreneurial venture, Trevor is poised to make a significant impact, ensuring that the agricultural and oil industries of rural Colorado remain productive and resilient.

For more information or to schedule a service, contact Wild Horse Welding at 719-688-3276 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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